MUSIC VIDEO: Nicki Minaj – “Stupid Hoe”

Nicki Minaj gets colorful as she shows off her many eccentric looks in her brand new music video for “Stupid Hoe!”

The track serves as the first single from her highly anticipated sophomore album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,” now due in stores April 3 after being pushed back from its original Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) release date.

The Hype Williams directed clip also features an appearance from her boyfriend “hypeman/assistant” SB.

Check out the video for “Stupid Hoe” below:

  • Mskendra99


  • Kerry_one

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  • Americanwoman

    This is one bitch with absolutely NO TALENT!!!!!!! Anyone who buy this crap is a Stupid Hoe!

    • Taylahjade

      shut the hell up! shes my idol, the only stupid hoe here is u

    • NoCrap!!!!

      yea of course shes ur idol cuz u want to feel like a fuck off hoe bitch!! so y dont u shut the fuck up go to a bar, act like a hoe there and get fucked and see how u like it! ;)

    • Az


    • MindlessBehavior4Life

      Wow ur really calling her a stupid hoe?  U dnt even know her so how do u know shes a  hoe! and americanwoman is right she has no talent at all she cant RAP she can’t SING ! Actually nicki minaj is singing about her self because she is the STUPID hoe!

    • Az


    • Jbeatz106

      u so gay if u like this

    • Sporadiq

      I’m not gonna bash you like everyone else is hun. People talk the way they are on here and then wonder why people like Nicki get much props. Ask I’m gonna say iz this. Nicki may be entertaining to you, but please do not idolize her. You can be and do so much better. I knew it was becoming a problem when half of the little girls in my city were dressed as Nicki last Halloween. She may be the only female entertainment y’all have, but she’s not one to wanna be like nor model your life after. Raise your standards lil lady. You can be better. There are better people to idolize. Jada Pinkett-Smith perhaps, she’s intelligent, strong, never had a bad reputation, has been famous since she was a teenager, she is rich, with a rich husband, and rich kids, and as a fun fact: she dated Tupac in high school and they stayed life long friends afterwards.

    • Az

      Dumb kid

    • Nicki1234

      fuck off

  • Rose-racine

    cont ne

  • Joaniesd0827

    Disgusting. One more piece of crap our kids are going to be influenced by.

    • Dominicanboy2213

      Yeah i know. This is ridiculous, What happened to all the true artists in the rap game? Trina, Queen Latifa, Hey even the young chick rye rye shes new and has WAAAAY more talent than Nicki. Terrible

    • dont hate me hate urself

      if your so worried about what ur kids are going to be influenced by look at urself in the mirror and think of all the bad things ur have done infront of ur kids! and btw if ur so worried what their going to influenced by get ur fat lazy ass of the computer and look after them and ur behavier is disgusting!!! get a life and stop being such a dick about one girls vidio! and serisly dont swear infront of ur kids its a BAD influence

    • will a mill

      Aint’ nobody hating!!! Young ppl are dumb as hell. being led to the depths of evil by all these lucifarians. Go head don’t hate, throw up one of ur satanist signs. Go head tell me I’m hating. I guess you have a T-shirt on that says “Do As Thy Wilt”. That’s Jay-Z’s philosophy Right. Where did he adopt that fromm, Aleister Crowley? Go head and do just what the music is designed to do, make gay and lesbians homos out of our youth. And sense u are so excepting, i guess ur dumb ass is sweet too, just like ur Trey Songs and Dray, and Will Smith, and Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, and Baby, and P Diddy, and Mase, and on and on and on.. Punk as young ppl have no mind of their own…

  • Zen4steve

    what is that rubbish, someone needs a serious beat down for producing that crap

    • Liam Wright10

      Suck your mums dick you hating whore

  • stupid hoe

    you a stupid hoe :)

  • Mikeclinton69

    she scares the hel.. out of me

    • Nerdyy_GirlSwagg143

      That is Her Job Lol(:

  • Nerdyy_GirlSwagg143

    I think Nicki Minaj Did A great Job ok she is showing How colorful she is i enjoyed the video! whoever dnt like it Eat her CoochaRoll(:

    • macdaddykane

      Honestly you must pretty pathetic and hate life itself that you follow such ridiculous individuals with no talent. You think she did a great job showing how colorful she is? She did a great job by proving to the world just how stupid she is and how low she is willing to go for publicity. You would probably enjoy Whitney Houston if she started rapping all her songs. The stupid hoe here is you maybe you thought she was talking about you and you enjoyed it. 

    • Peppermilkshake

      Ok, personally, i didn’t like it much either. But you could have been a bit nicer. Really, so what if she liked it? That’s her opinion. You have yours, I have mine, and so on! It’s okay to not like things, but don’t be a dick about it.

    • AnissaNoelle

      Uh, First Of All Stfu , Because You Have Your Opinion & She Has Hers & So On . Who cares if you don’t agree with it, because i`m pretty sure she doesn’t agree with yours either . so, for that fact that you just sat here and was acting like a complete dick to her for voicing her opinion is ignorant . your a bigger disgrace than nicki minja is . hello wake up it`s 2012 not fucking 1839 ! FREEDOM she has the right to say what the hell she wants & believe in what the hell she wants. Your a complete dumb ass .

    • taylahjade

      Oh and other celebrities haven’t done things like this!? we’re pathetic? we’re not the ones bagging on a woman for doing what her manager tells her to do. The stupid hoe is me? awesome! but at least im not stuck behind a computer screen thinking the whole worlds gonna give a damn if i bag this woman! Great, awesome while ur bagging her u probably had no idea that she is has mental issues

  • Derek Dols

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. ya i’d fuck her… terrible song tho 

    • Liam Wright10

      She wouldn t touch you with a 10ft barge poll

  • Jflash

    this song gives me a head ache, is that what its supposed to do?

  • SunofNeptune

    why was it even bannedi didn’t see anything bad enough in the video for it to be banned so what if it’s a bit colorful kids like that

  • Rere9021

    So what is the concept and meaning of this song? Cause to me it just sound like a bunch of words thrown in there, she good in using metaphors but lyrics not so much…And all you guys falling for her artificial butt are suckers her butt will not look that way forever so enjoy it for now

    • Liam Wright10

      Don’t be jel just coz your ass aint that big suck your mums fanny

  • Crackheadbob

    Stupid video  …..

    • Liam Wright10

      suck your mums dicks

  • B Marshall20

    all yaw hating hop off

  • Cecelia

    this crap is useless meaningless and has no porpose . I mean what the hell is wrong with this lady i mean peice of shit !! she can’t even use proper words!!! 2 words for her : STUPID HOE!!!!

  • dont hate me hate urself

    she has done better songs and yes the vidio is rubbish but i wouldnt go as far as calling her a bitch or calling ppl stupid hoe’s for buying her music. and you ppl are really horrid what if you were the one getting called a stupid hoe and being told u couldnt sing and had no talent. if only your kids could see you! as if ud reali wanted them to act like you!!! so all you ppl get a LIFE! and stop being such dicks if u dont like it then dont bother listening to it or commenting!!!!

    • fuck u

      fuck cock sucking jew slaping bitch rapeing dick

    • Liam Wright10

      sorry hard

  • Egapnitram

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Iv’e seen things drop outa my dogs ass betta than this.

    • Jbeatz106

      i think she made this cause a stupid hoe raped her in the ass she should get shot for making this song it make me want to blow my head off with a gun

  • Don’t give up ‘

    Hey, How bout you all stop, just stop. She helps charities for people all around the world so If she __ gets lots of money she will give it to them. I am a singer And I love rap. Maybe not so much her voice and I find it extremely offending when you say this stuff. If you were a singer or raper and you wanted to be famous and sound like yourself would you be happy if people bagged you. she sings what she is told to sing do you not have anything better to do with your time!! AND ONE MORE THING YOU MAY NOT KNOW BUT THIS IS CLASSIFIED AS CYBER BULLYING WHICH IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE. show your kids that YOU don’t do it!

    • fuck u

      why don’t u go suck a big dick and die jackass motherfuck assmonkey jew bitch cock sucking ass touching fuck

  • Misshoney12

    Shes in the illumimati. Just look at her. Shes a illuminati puppet just like lady gaga. This music is poisoning your minds!! Shes staring blankly . didnt you see her performance at the grammys? ??

  • Janet Carney

    I think about the two sweet little girls from England that just loved meeting her & singing her music on the Ellen show. But after the sickening display from her at The Grammy’s I TRULY hope little Sophia Grace & Rosie find another artists footsteps to follow in. I love to hear her sing; but after her sacrileges performance at The Grammy’s I really could care less if I ever listen to her music again. What a disgrace to “SOME” of your fans; Nicki. The rest of them on here that use such profanity fit right in with you.

  • DeLite

    This girl is an irritating train wreck and I CANNOT STAND her “music”.
    Now, having said that… this (stupid a**) “Stupid Hoe” song is probably the best piece of fictional entertainment she has ever done… it’s so obviously rediculous that I can’t hate it as much as I do all of her other crap… I only highly dislike it.
    So, instead of giving her an Epic Fail (as I usually do) for this particular bit of music-puke I can up grade her to Total Fail. (just this once)

    • Taylahjade

      than why r u here?

  • Lazyalexa97

    u haters r wat makes her famous duhh idiots swear

  • Taylahjade

    whats the problem with it?

  • taylahjade

    all use need to grow up shes just a woman trying to make a living

  • Ashtonaldich20

    I never liked her and apparently i was right shes singing about herself  lol

  • Jbeatz106

    this the most gayest thing i see in my life

  • Roberta

    yeah shes not a bitch , look at yourself !! shes my idol to and nobody can chance that !!

    • demonicgirl

      ya I’m always called a bitch because i hate her…. so what? all she sings is crap

    • will a mill

      Idol? I swear young ppl are so brainwashed. Can even begin to explain the dangers of that. Idol?? Are you serious?? This lady is worthless. She could care less about nothing but money. Why is she your Idol, cause she got a fake but or fake Ta Tas? She surely don’t have any talent. Young ppl have no brain to think for themselves anymore.

    • Reptile

      we know you are the bitch

  • Oscwest

    Wow no talent at all. All she does is use profanity and dance around in that cage like the monkey she is. Can’t even understand what the hell she is saying. Ebonics I guess.

    • Racist

      I’m not sure how i should take that, and it doesn’t help with the whole Monkey comment -.-

  • pinkbulletsgirlsband

    sexy and funny. but kids better not watch it’s not a good influence at all

  • Kerao

    So here’s a Stupid  Hoe callinig someone a Stupid Hoe.  Minaj is talentless as a rapper.   For one you can’t understand her and she sells herself as a novelty.  All she does is repeat herself and gyrate as much as she can with atrocious wigs.  Not to mention the the absolutely stupid faces like she’s constsantly taking a shit in her pants, and her mouth looks like a donkey as well as her ass. Why people can even enjoy watching this hideous bitch is beyond me.

  • ? ?l?
    ???? ? ? -(mrew?)
    ?l?? ~?
    ???f_, )?i think s.b. is a homo

  • MrsBieber

    Okai im 12 years old and i love this song but its a disgrace nicki minaj is vile for what she does but a good singer not very good rapper like but u know disgraceful 

    • Sporadiq

      At twelve hunni, especially being raised these days, unless your parents have the sense to put you on to it. You have no clue what good music iz. Sorry to say, but your generation has been deprived of good music. My step daughter is 12, and I had hell gettin’ her off of this Nicki Minaj crap and music similar to it. She thought it was so cool. Then, when I introduced her to the type of good music we speak of, it was hard to understand for her because the intelligence level and detailed metaphors was too much for her to grasp. When we were your age-I’m only 28 BTW so it wasnt that long ago, I’m not a fossil trying to talk sense into you- we could understand it fine. Which is another problem, the less intelligent the music industry can make kids like yourself today, through artists like Nicki Minaj with songs like stupid hoe, the better for them. As long as I’m around I’m going to influence every kid, especially ones your age, to be more intelligent, think beyond music like this, put better and more things on your mind and excel.

  • Jean Hilaire

    shes so sexy and i always wish to have a girl like her she is the best

  • is it funny? not at all!!

  • Adriana Alejandra

    Yea Nicky really is a STUPID HOE…next!!

  • Daya

    I like it but I’m not gay.

  • Daya

    I like it but I’m not gay.

  • Az

    Niki is a untalented hoe

  • uniBlanco

    this has to be one of the dumbest shit she’s ever came out with

  • fuckyoubitch

    why is that bitch even talking man!!! Is she talking about herself? wjats with the fucking rap too. someone take that cunt off the fucking video!

  • ErikaP

    Lol wtf is this crap?! cx Clearly our younger generation is getting more and more deprived from actually TALENTED AND GOOD MUSIC. Rebecca Black then Justin Bieber then Nicki Minaj and all these crappy rappings the fuck is this world come to?! Nicki Minaj scares the shit out of me her music is terrible and she has no talent. Honestly people look for real talented people not make people who can’t even pronounce hoe it sounds like she is saying youz a stupid how. Lol and her makeup really Nicki? You aren’t a barbie doll your human sorry thats reality.

  • ErikaP

    Lol wtf is this crap?! cx Clearly our younger generation is getting more and more deprived from actually TALENTED AND GOOD MUSIC. Rebecca Black then Justin Bieber then Nicki Minaj and all these crappy rappings the fuck is this world come to?! Nicki Minaj scares the shit out of me her music is terrible and she has no talent. Honestly people look for real talented people not make people who can’t even pronounce hoe it sounds like she is saying youz a stupid how. Lol and her makeup really Nicki? You aren’t a barbie doll your human sorry thats reality.

  • dede


  • check me out just saw ur video it was str8 ceheck out mine

  • lily laly

    she must have given the boys she sleeps with an std



  • djcellx

    no skills or talent,people like this simple kill real music

  • thickbxtchsociety

    hold up everyone…. , lets not talk shxt to each other about a lady that wants to be a barbie ,,, she loves herself and she is stuff on herself so!… many females are like this with themselves.. stupid hoe was made as a beef song to lil kim if you all diidnt know her and lil kim have beef with each other its life !!! i beef with alot of females cause HAters is what everybody on earth have ,,, somee love nicki minaj some hate her but we shouldnt down each other because our opinions are different and band this song from your kids if you dont want them listening to , NIcki minaj is a bad bxtch in my eyes and just bcuhs a couple of yall dont like her dont mean she will be banned from the tv ,, radio nor yung money ,, cuhs its money ova bxtchess and haters

  • I have no idea what she is going on about. love all the colours though.

  • mick dwyer texas

    ooohh that is so so good, she looks like a pastiche of herself and is sending her self up. I am now a devotee . merchandising herself looking like a doll or animation cartoon. even us highly intellegent ones have a reaction in our pants even if it is comic relief. so without getting to eredite she is the bomb. fantastic plastic spastic . as for being a role model keep up the good work a whole new generation of completley dumbass bitches commin on line , all about evolution back to the cave . girls just look like hot sexy baboons on heat. love it serioulsy. wot an ass. now if she was white we would right her off. I like my nigger ass stupid ape like and primal no brains- opposites attract , me white male IQ 135 . highly evolved and sophisticated like to go down to the jungle and get me sum black primate ass .

  • limo hire

    She’s a disgrace – i bet her parents can’t believe the state of her :(

    lol – glad she’s not my daugher! – my sympathy is with her family….

  • Whatever

    like guys i was raped and fucked okay so just shut up