Thai Man Marries Dead Girlfriend in Joint Funeral and Wedding Ceremony

A man from Thailand recently married his dead girlfriend in a bizarre wedding ceremony that also doubled as a funeral for the young bridge.

According to the TAN, Chadil Deffy, also known as Deff Yingyuen, and his girlfriend Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook met 10 years ago at Thailand’s Eastern Asia University.

The young couple had been planning on getting married in the future, but unfortunately, Anne unexpectedly died on January 3rd in a car accident before the couple could set a date.

The news became the “Talk of the town” on Facebook and YouTube after ” Chadil Deffy ” or Deff Yingyuen, stated his love for his late girlfriend, Sarinya or “Anne” Kamsook.

Much to the surprise of his friends, on January 4, Deff posted the message on his Facebook page, inviting his friends to an wedding-cum-funeral rite for his longtime girlfriend at a local temple in Surin Province. [PDN]

During the unusual ceremony, which was recorded and photographed, Deffy, dressed in an all black tuxedo, can be seen kissing his late girlfriend and putting a ring on her finger.

Touching and creepy all at the same time.

Your thoughts?

  • Yolanda Tababan

    What a heart warming story. A man keeping his promise until the end of time to the love of his life. How many men can keep their promises?

  • Deja

    That is such a creepy but beautiful story. I feel real bad for him, and hopefully he can eventually come to terms with it.
    May her soul rest in peace, and prayers to their family and friends

  • tina prior

    I’m not disgusted by this I’m touched to know that a man can love a woman that much! It’s so sad! no one knows how it feels to lose someone they’re planning to marry.Until it happens to you don’t judge this poor man!

  • Maria Lopez

    I dont feel bad; this guy probably never proposed to the poor woman who waited and waited (what 10 years) to be asked….and then she dies (having never been asked)…now he wants to make amends…bull…..

  • Lio

    i think he is still being selfish at the very end of her life… how so???… he’s just trying to clear his conscience for making her wait 10 long years by marrying her now when she’s already dead… and the ceremony being broadcasted to the world so he can gain sympathy… does this really make any sense??? i dont buy this at all…

  • Sadunhu Dhidhiyo

    ME for fink dis man jus want for get into Guiness Book of Records easily. Ndatenda.

  • To be honest its a little disturbing, but kindda romantic at the same time. I really have mixed feeling about this. Is the marrage even legal?

  • DannyElf

    Tim Burton-ish

  • I hope he didnt go on to consumate the marriage.

  • mak

    It dosen’t matter about our thoughts , who are we to judge?