Lil Wayne Doused with Pepper Spray by Prankster

Lil Wayne Doused with Pepper Spray by Prankster

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Rapper Lil Wayne ran into trouble Wednesday night after an after-party he was hosting in Montreal ended up getting sprayed. Luckily it was only pepper spray though (and not bullets)!

Lil Wayne was attacked with pepper spray last night in Canada — after some jerk snuck into his afterparty and put the excruciating substance in the air ducts.

It all went down last night at a club in Montreal called La Mouche — where Weezy was hosting the afterparty for his show.

We’re told some jackass snuck into the back room and unleashed the chemical into the ventilation system — and everyone had to be evacuated, including Weezy.

So far, it’s unclear if police are investigating — but a rep for Lil Wayne says the rapper is “okay and gearing for his next stop in Toronto.


What a party-pooper……

Glad Weezy & co. are okay though!


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