Joy Behar Marries Her Boyfriend of 29 Years Steve Janowitz

Joy Behar Marries Her Boyfriend of 29 Years Steve Janowitz

Sherri Shepherd isn’t the only co-host from “The View” who got hitched over the weekend.

Shepherd’s table-mate from the popular daytime talk show Joy Behar also tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Steve Janowitz Thursday night in New York, in a move that will surely shock her co-hosts on “The View,” as well as their viewers, who all had no idea Behar was even engaged.

According to reports, Joy and Steve have been together for 29 years, but Behar had previously sworn off marriage, even breaking an engagement to Janowitz in 2009.

News of Joy Behar’s surprise marriage comes just days after her “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd got married in Chicago this past Saturday.

A spokesman for “The View” issued a statement this weekend, saying that Behar would discuss her wedding when the show returns on September 6th.

Congrats Joy (and Sherri)!


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