Lady Gaga Crowned “Queen of Pop” by Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine has crowned its “Queen of Pop!”

Lady Gaga blew the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, Pink and Ke$ha out of the water and took the crown.

According to Digital Spy:

The magazine ranked 16 female artists who had released solo albums between 2009 and 2011 by various categories. These included album and digital song sales, Billboard Hot 100 rankings, radio airplay, views on YouTube, social media, revenue from live shows, award wins and reviews from critics. GaGa scored 1,205 points in the overall Master Ranking, beating Taylor Swift into second place with 881. Rihanna came third with 833 points, Britney Spears fourth with 674 and Beyoncé fifth with 668.

“No matter how we cut the numbers, GaGa was bound to crush the competition,” says Rolling Stone. “Our goal here was to crown the current tiara-wearer. The hard-working, culture-dominating GaGa more than earned the title. Maybe a year from now, after Beyoncé’s new album 4 has spun off a year of radio, digital and video hits, Lady G and Honey B will be more evenly matched, tugging on either end of the Queen of Pop sceptre like the demigods they are.”

  • Wisdom

    If Justin Timberlake had dared to accept the crown as King of Pop while Michael Jackson was still alive he would have been mocked and criticized by fans and critics. Even to this day Jackson is still universally regarded as the King of Pop.

    How dare Rolling Stone declare Lady Gaga the Queen of Pop, and how dare Lady Gaga not turn down the honor. Like Michael Jackson Madonna has many personal failings, but she is universally acknowledged as the Queen of Pop.

    Madonna earned the title of Queen of Pop by releasing many chart-topping albums, her singles ruled the radio in the 80?s, 90`s and 00?s. Although Madonna may no longer top (for the moment) the singles charts, her tours always sell out. In the 80`s thousands of Madonna wannabes dressed like their idol. You don`t see any teen girls wearing meat dresses to school, nobody in her right mind wants to look like Lady Gaga.

    The title of Queen of Pop isn`t a title you bestow on an artist after only one or two hit albums, a pop singer must earn the title by producing superlative music over a long period of time.

    Lady Gaga intended her latest album “Born This Way” to be her magnum opus, she predicted it would be the album of the decade. It turns out Lady Gaga is a lousy artist and a lousy psychic. Considering how much Lady Gaga hyped “Born This Way”, it`s one of the biggest bombs in history. The album was lambasted by critics, and it`s quickly sinking in the charts.

    Lady Gaga the Queen of Pop? Yeah, right, and I`m the Queen of England.

    © Robert Paul Reyes