JUST PLAIN SICK: Man Arrested for Having Sex with a Dead Woman!

WOWZERS…..some people are just beyond sick!!!

An Ohio man was recently arrested after having sex with a corpse.

Read below to see what his pathetic excuse for doing such a foul thing was…

Police say an Ohio man accused of having sex with a corpse told investigators he didn’t at first realize the woman was dead.

Richard Elwood Sanden, 55 of Geneva, OH, was being held on $500,000 bond Wednesday in the Daviess County Jail in Washington, IN, on charges including abuse of a corpse and possession of marijuana. The Washington Times-Herald reports police arrested Sanden on Saturday night after they were called to the dead woman’s apartment.

The newspaper reports Sanden told police he was having sex with the 48-year-old woman whom he had known for a few months when he realized she wasn’t breathing. He told police he administered CPR and called an ambulance.

The woman’s cause of death remains under investigation.


C’mon son, that story just isn’t cutting it! Besides how do you not notice the person you’re having sex with …… isn’t even alive?? Very unlikely!!!!

Your thoughts?

  • ricbo anti

    This is a tough world so people needs ways to complete their phisical and emoional interests. no matter how much we say we not going to judge, we do it anyway.. maybe that’s the only way he knew how to fufill his desire. we have done so many bad stuff that if we had to put all of it together, it would have look worse than what this guy did. we dont know why he did what he did so lets keep our mouth shut. because we all human and we have desire..

  • Wise Guy

    @RICBO ANTI……You must like to screw dead corpses too! Sick perv…..this guy deserves whatever he gets. Unless she died during sex….there is no excuse for this! And if that was the case…i’m sure it would have been stated. Just because ppl have the freedom to do whatever….doesn’t make it right to go around screwing dead bodies. GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • dicklips

    its too early to blame the guy. maybe she died suddenly and the guy noticed it a few seconds later and called an ambulance. We wont know until we know how she died and if the time frames match up. The title of this post makes it sound like he dug up a grave and fucked some chick, or broke into a morgue and started hammering on her.