Scarlett Johansson Had Sex with Husband Ryan Reynolds in Movie Trailer?

Scarlett Johansson and her husband Ryan Reynolds are reportedly so “freaky-deaky” that instead of waiting to get home to have sex, the happily married couple opted to get it on in Reynolds’ movie trailer!

According to new reports from the National Enquirer, Scarlett showed up to the set of Ryan’s new movie “Green Lantern” on a regular basis so that the two could bone in Ryan’s trailer, with a friendly “Do Not Disturb” sign posted outside.

“During filming, Scarlett would regularly show up on the set and hang around for a while — then lure hunky hubby into his dressing trailer,” a source said. “Ryan would hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside, letting everyone know he didn’t want to be bothered — then he’d emerge after 45 minutes or so with a big smile on his face.”

Get it in where you can fit it in, we guess, smh…

Scarlett Johansson is set to host tonight’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

  • Wayne

    Well, Oh nooz. A wife and husband having sex in a movie lot trailer. What is the world coming to?

    Let me guess this was a leak from the fat check that broke up with her penis fix a couple of months ago, and can’t stop thinking about since, or maybe instead of fat chick we could input sexually frustrated gay dude.

  • ed

    A person had sex?

  • Olubunmi Dadson

    Are they public dogs? It is incredibly disgraceful.

  • Lee

    If I was him I”d have done the same thing she’s smokin hot who wouldn’t !!!!!

  • susan

    Though much older than RR, I’ve been “in love’ with him since Two Guys and a Pizza Place (or something to that effect). Maybe it’s because of the strong resemblance–in looks, attitude and humor– to my youngest son. Scarlett Johanson is one lucky young woman; RR is fortunate, too, to be with a young woman as multi-talented as she and generous to boot in efforts to entertain our troops. It’s deeply appreciated by this mom of military personnel. Hope the stay together forever or at least until I’m dead because if they don’t, it’ll kill me!

  • dpoulsen

    So what…..they are married and they can have it at anytime,anyplace they want! No ones business but theirs!

  • Janet

    So What? They are married. Who the hell cares. Why is this newsworthy????

  • CJ

    Did anyone get it on video ?? That is what i wanna know !!

  • ok

    Ok. Not the movie trailer preview. The physical movie trailer. Duh, why not have sex there?

  • I believe that is the Luxury of a beautiful life they have…

  • Ted

    Who cares? Id do her 2!

  • The Obvious

    Come on folks. Is this all not the most obvious??????? Alanis is having a baby, Ryan wants kids and I have no doubt Scarlett is now trying to get pregnant for Ryan. Watch it all unfold as I called it first.