Lindsay Lohan Checks Herself Into Rehab!

Back to rehab you go, Lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan voluntarily checked herself into rehab Monday (Sep 27), sources close to the actress revealed to TMZ.

The rehab facility is located in Southern California, however the sources didn’t reveal the name of the center.

TMZ says that the facility is close to her friends and family to make it easier for them to visit, however the facility isn’t bending any rules for the troubled actress.

Lohan had been in the Los Angeles county jail for 13 days following a 23 day stint in a court-ordered rehab program at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center last month, and her entry into rehab comes just a few days after a judge ordered her to jail without bail after she failed several drug tests.

Luckily for Lilo, her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley got another judge to set a $300,000 bail (which the actress posted) and Lohan only spent 14 hours behind bars.

The bail terms requires Lohan to be fitted with another SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet as she awaits her hearing in October.

Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan is happy that his daughter is finally going to rehab on her own. He said Sunday: “Finally, they listened to me.”

Friday, he said that he was praying that Lindsay’s lawyer “does the right thing and advises her to go right into rehab now, and show the judge she’s serious, because in 30 days when she goes back before the judge he can do whatever he wants.”

Lindsay’s probation revocation hearing is scheduled for October 22nd.

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  • TheBride

    I hope she is closer to getting better. She has been annoying, but she’s a great talent and I wish her well. Eventually she will realize that she’s been on some kind of whacky, destructive ride–she’ll want to get back into her craft and a productive life. She’s very young. She’ll grow up. It’s the Paris Hilton crowd that lures young Hollywoods into a whirlwind of shallow values, then the kids suffer while Paris’ crowd goes back to their golden palaces. Go for it, Lindsay! Get better! You have more talent in your pinky than the lot of them!

  • Diary of a Young Black Asshole

    Its sad to see so much wasted, but I mean really how many chances do you get with a cocaine addiction?? she’s been openly battling this for YEARS with no sign of doing any better with it..


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