Britney Spears and Jason Trawick Getting Married By Year’s End?

Pop singer Britney Spears and her boyfriend Jason Trawick were boo’d up yesterday (Thurs. Aug 26) as they walked around their hotel resort in Maui, Hawaii before making their way to a church on the property, fueling rumors of an upcoming marriage.

Just recently, a source close Britney and Jason, who have been pictured vacationing together all week in Maui, told British newspaper the Daily Star that the couple plan on tying the knot within the next few months:

“They’ve decided to have a small, intimate ceremony, not a big media circus. They’d like to say ‘I do’ by the end of the year.”

This would make marriage #3 for Britney Spears, who originally got married in Vegas to a guy named Jason Alexander for just 5 hours, and later went on to marry her dancer Kevin Federline (who she now has 2 sons with).

Britney and Jason Trawick (her former agent) have been dating since March 2009, and Britney fired him in May of this year so that they could focus on being a couple. And now they plan on getting married.

Did she not learn from the first two times?

  • Wow, you really have NO clue what you’re talking about do you.

  • kathy

    well britney i wish you the best of luck i hope you are very happy and you have two very nice looking boys do you plane on haveing any more kids please answer me back take care and good luck take care of your boys

  • Cristine

    whats up with this celebs,, married__divorce__married. no! offence britney i used to be your biggest fan and i still do, and i was really happy hearing you doing great, i dont againts about your wedding plan or something as long as you are happy and i hope this deccission you make wont send you back into being what you are before, just a friendly worried fun. so please think about it first ok.. and best of luck and happiness.

  • I like this britney becouse I know long befor gay u

  • hi britney how are you doing i am one of your biggest fun inspide of everything that happen to you to you my dear, i am happy as long as you are happy with what you are planing doing cause you have been through a hard time during the years that has past. Good luck my best wishes to your happiness.

  • sara

    well iam so glad she is better now iam a big fan of hers since 99 i have all her dolls and books and cd iam so glad that and if they are getting married i hope he treats her right then kevin did i can’t wait til her new album early next year and im going buy her perfume at kohl’s for christmas maybe this time she will have a better marrgie then the last one best of luck love you britney .

  • jffhs

    no doubt they are very close, but they are def not involved. not with eachother… he is clearly gay. it’s all in the body language.