Fantasia Barrino’s VH1 Behind the Music TV Special Airs Tonight!

R&B singer Fantasia Barrino‘s highly anticipated VH1 Behind the Music television special airs tonight at 9 pm, and video footage of the American Idol winner talking about her recent suicide attempt on the TV special has been released!

In the clip, a noticeably emotional Fantasia talks about what pushed her over the edge and caused her to down an entire bottle of pills in an attempt to take her own life, adding that she knew “exactly” what she was doing.

Check out the video footage from tonight’s edition of VH1’s Behind the Music featuring Fantasia below:

Meanwhile, Fantasia’s third studio album Back to Me is in stores today.

Your thoughts?

  • She just looks like a freakin idiot and I bet her album still won’t sell

  • People who want to actually kill themselves actually do. It isn’t that hard. People looking for attention attempt to kill themselves. She is looking for sympathy because she was caught sleeping around with another woman’s husband plain and simple. There is no other excuse for it and I do not feel sorry for her at all.

  • Nicole Walton

    I think that people need to mind their own business because just like Fantasia or any other woman a man can lie to you and get you caught up in drama. I hope she is able to learn from this experience and move on with her life and take care of that beautiful little girl. For as her music I think her album is going to do good. What people do in their personal life is their business and their career shouldn’t suffer because of something private going on with their life. We as American people need to learn that her career does not define who Fantasia is as a real person even though she loves to sing it doesn’t tell you who she truely is in the inside. Fantasia baby girl keep striving for bigger and better things in your life and keep God first in all that you do because all things will fall into places. Love the new album it going to go far. I got your back 100% because we all get miss led and miss guided in one way or another and people are only being mean because you are who you are. Keep your head up love you baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Walton

    @jazzylu23: You might not feel sorry for her put yourself in her shoes and then try to deal with all she has to deal with the press, the media and people like you who feel that the mistakes people make can’t be forgiven. You are not suppose to tear people down when the already feel that way you are suppose to build them up. I guess because she was the other woman she got what she deserve. She was not the only one in this relationship so all the blame should not be put on her. I have been through this same stuff but I wasn’t the other woman I was the one getting cheated on I blame him and not her. I feel if you haven’t been threw something like that howv would you know and she is in the epublic eye and it is adding pressure don top of pressure come on you guys we need to help support her and not tear her down.

  • dale terry

    iam happy you doing ok,i pray for you.

  • K. Smith

    God Bless You Fantasia…..

  • Vera Lenyard

    I love her more than I ever did. she is sooooooo beautiful. She will be just fine. Be strong Fantasia. There are a lot of haters in this world. God has your back.

  • Renee

    I agree with Miss Walton. Why do people always want to tear someone down???? It’s just ridiculous. We don’t know what really happened with Fantasia and that Man. We all just really need to mind our own business. We are all HUMAN. No one seems to CARE anymore about anything. Always having nothing but negative things to say.

    Fantasia you keep your head up and keep singing. You have a wonderful voice. If you feel like you want to share your story so you can touch somelse who may have felt the way you felt. Then you do just that.

    When you sing that song I’m Here from the Color Purple, I know God has touched you…..

    Your album will do fine. Anyone who loves real R &B knows that.

  • tntech

    jazzlu you are the only person on this comment page that feel the way you do. I hope nothing like what Fantasia is facing will ever come upon you, if it does you could not handle it. Do you know how I know, it’s because weak people have negative things to say about others and everything. Weak people can’t express themselves. Fantasia was not weak she just had a weak moment and thats different. Nicole you are right on the money. Did you’ll watch her reality show. The whole family is there with Fantasia and they all depend on her. They know how free hearted she is, so they leach off her. All of them are waiting with there hand out. Teeny with his sad, sorry ass is the main one that she needs out of her life. Fantasia’s father sued her after she won idol. Did you not see Fantasia’s movie. The father was hungry for money too. When he and the mother split and he could not share in the money that was coming in and could not get his hands in the cookie jar, he sued her. It is more than likely good that he is not manageing her because in the movie he wanted to run everything, and he made a mess of everything, LOOK AT TEENY, their father all over again. Fantasia need to put every on out on their on. I can maybe see her mother there with Zion when fantasia is away, but that aunt need to go (free loader too). The only one that seem to have any since is Rico, it appears that he is trying to do it on his own. Fantasia had him singing back up for her and you never heard of any trouble. When she had Teeny with her he came out talking about he was the boss. How can he be a boss and don’t have a job or anywhere to live. That car he is driving don’t you know Fantasia bought that car, its in her name, remember he did not have drivers licinse. Remember Teeny had the Boss party in order to raise money to get his own place. There are a few choice words I could sayabout that ugly Teeny but I want. Fantasia friend is the only one that invited Fantasia out and said it was on her. The family has done NOTHING for Fantasia but took Fantasia down. I’m sure Fantasia was fed up everyone had their hand out and she had no one to turn to. Fantasia the next time you go in a closet and look in a mirror you start praying and you keep praying and when you come out God will reveal to you that you need to put your whole family out of your home, focus on you, get a nanny for your child, mama hand is out too, she had her moment of fame when you had her on the award show with you.Fantasia pray and shake the haters and the free loaders off, use a long handle spoon to feed them. Tell them you are cutting the apron string and they have to go at it along, and you will be fine. Stay strong baby girl, I LOVE YOUR ALBUM. It will do great!!!!

  • laterrica

    i love i dont think u are bad

  • Precious

    I bought the CD and it is GREAT!!!!!!! Everyone live and learn; mistakes happen. I don’t condone home wrecking but he probably lied in the beginning and then once the truth was revealed; her feelings were already caught up. It happens but she has to be strong and send that man back to his wife because that is her burden.

  • I love Fantasia and I pray that she will keep her hand in Gods hand, and focus on her child, career, and her education.

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