We had a feeling Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t even put a dent in her 90-day sentence before she’d be released from prison. Insiders originally said that the actress would only spend 25 days behind bars, but now, reports are saying that Coke-han could be out as early as THIS SUNDAY!

Several top stylists and hair and make-up people handpicked by Lindsay Lohan herself have been put on call from midnight this Thursday throughout the entire weekend, just in case Lindsay is sprung a little early. A celebrity stylist told our friends over at Pop Eater:

“I am sure Lindsay will be sick of orange and jumpsuits and I definitely think ankle bracelets are out. Knowing Lindsay, I expect her to emerge in some skin tight jeans and some uber-trendy layered top. If I had the opportunity to dress her [Philip dressed Halle Berry when she accepted her Oscar] when she exits jail, I would put her in a soft and flowy sundress a la Natalie Wood. It wouldn’t be bad to soften up her image at this point.”