New Couple Alert? Drake Shows Taraji P. Henson a Good Time in Toronto!

Taraji P. Henson and Drake were seen spending the 4th of July together yesterday in Drake’s hometown of Toronto, Canada. According to Bossip, the two were seen shopping together for several hours.

Drake just recently canceled a few of his European tour dates, but he said it was to spend time with his sick mother. But we see he was also making time to spend time with the Oscar-nominated actress he was making eyes at after the BET Awards last week.We ain’t mad at ya though, Drake!

Peep video footage of Drake making googly eyes at Taraji at the official BET Awards after party, which aired on TV, below:

  • u betta not go with her

  • Brianna

    Are you serious?? He wuz just playin with her! IM SICK OF ALL YLL DAMN BLOGS PUTTIN SHIT DAHTS NOT TRUE!

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  • Beatuy

    hahahah lol Drake is sick… am l0ve his sense of hum0ur. anyhu they make a great c0uple but Drake s a bad b0y…hmmmm

  • Q

    Doubt it. She doesnt seem like his type.

  • Neickha

    Drake cant handle that lol


    Youuu serious , drake was just playing at the bet awards after party stop turnig nothing into something,

  • Taraji wouldnt mess w/ Drake!

  • Beauty

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  • Tttttt kk

    Drake is one sexy thang he could do better he should get bak wiv Rihanna