Christina Aguilera Slams Lady Gaga: “She’s fun to look at!”

It looks like Christina Aguilera has letten this “Gaga vs. Christina” thing go to her head! In the latest issue of Out Magazine, of which she covers, the seasoned pop singer made a jab at pop newcomer Lady Gaga when asked about her:

Rivalry’s nothing new to Aguilera, who spent her childhood years dominating talent shows in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area and her early adolescence jockeying for position on The Mickey Mouse Club against littermates Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Her late teens and 20s passed locked in a dead heat with her former BFF, Britney. But, as it relates to Lady Gaga, one might think comparisons to be especially odious. “Oh, the newcomer?” Aguilera chuckles. “I think she’s really fun to look at.” Nevertheless, Aguilera has come under fire for aping Gaga’s style and the criticisms have irked her. In 2008, when asked by the Los Angeles Times about the comparison, Aguilera denied all knowledge of Gaga’s existence. “I’m a little under a rock where some things are concerned,” she said then and says again now.


Tell ’em how you really feel Christina! Is it just us or does someone sound a little bitter?!?

  • Johnny Richter

    I want to give Xtina a creampie. Really, really bad. And Lady Gaga? Sorry, I’m not a tranny chaser.

  • I think its just the fact that christina aguilera is a pop princess which makes her a great act. i luv her so much. i luv her voice and her style. I also luv lady gaga, she’s fierce and creative. i think both women have a pro and con about them. people who have poor minds just see it as a way to bash them about them being the same in looks which doesnt count. they are both creative and smart in their ways. they both bring something different to the tables which keeps their fans interested. so i think people who are bored with their lives just compare them for no reason to where they should constrast them.

  • Steve

    lady gaga copies christina aguilera and marilyn manson just watch marilyn manson videos

  • Cherry monster

    I can’t deny the fact that Christina is extremely talented with excellent vocal abilities, but to be bitter like this is just wrong as we all know. And what’s even ruder is that she denied the acknowledgment Gaga’s existence when Christina and Gaga were both trained by the same vocal coach- and this is a fact. Never have I ONCE heard Gaga talk disrespectfully about another artist or even signal jealousy. Ever since she has arrived, the lady has given the world a whole new perspective and freedom to young, innocent kids just by the sounds of her music and her ‘fun to look at’ outfits. This is something Christina CAN’T deny. Love and respect Gaga so much! X

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  • Kortney

    How is this bashing Lady Gaga? Gaga is fun to look at. If I recall, Aguilera mentioned on Oprah that Gaga was doing a kick ass job of promoting herself by having a unique style. Aguilera is one of the few female artists that is willing to take risks, and I’m sure she respects other women like that. Stop trying to bring drama where there is none.