The Smell of Beef Brewing! Howard Stern vs. Jamie Foxx!!

We weren’t going to touch this subject matter, but we have no choice. There has been an ongoing beef brewing between Howard Stern and Jamie Foxx via their Sirius/XM Radio Shows and now it has definitely heated up after Jamie’s crew on “The Foxxhole” went real hard on Howard Stern and his team over comments they made over Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. We managed to listen to a little bit of Howard’s show on Monday and he was clearly not too happy to hear that Jamie Foxx and his posse had made a big joke out of him.

In response, Howard publicly threatened to put some of Jamie’s “business” out in the air and alluded to the fact that Jamie could possibly be gay, and Stern claims that he has solid proof. We all have probably heard the rumors, but no one has been able to prove this. The scary part is that Howard Stern is known for being very brutal and he may just be the guy who can prove these rumors to be true. But Stern says he’s “not going to go there” and is just going to leave the situation alone.

As of now, no one has heard anything from Jamie since Stern’s show, but we’re sure that he and his radio crew will have a lot to say on The Foxxhole Show on this Friday. Continue reading to hear what Howard Stern said about Jamie Foxx…..

  • MagicKid

    im sorry Howard no one really cares if Jamie is gay or not. That is no one elses business. People are still going to buy his records and watch his movies and if anything he would be gaining more of a crowd with the gay dominat population. You have got to do better??!?!?!

  • Ray

    If you think people don’t care, you’re out of your mind.
    But about Howard knowing his sexuality, Howard would never come out with it. It’s more of a dig that he knows. Howard wouldn’t out anyone. He might be harsh, but it’s not his thing.

  • Dell’abate Fan

    You are right Ray. Howard is a huge Gay Supporter but he doesn’t like people who act like something they arn’t. and he feels that you need to be honest and not hide. Howard wouldn’t something like out somebody he is to much of a good hearted guy to do that. But he did certainly throw out that theory that we’ve been thinking. And if Jamie Foxx ever does come out of the closet I think we might see some sort of Foxx lover show up on the Stern Show.