We’re sorry, but Demi Moore has got to be the most out of touch (with the world) celebrity there is!

Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo on her Twitter page of Serena Williams, La La Vazquez, Kelly Rowland and herself at a charity party in Miami with the caption, “Big Pimpin.” No big deal, right? Wrong… if you let Ashton Kutcher’s wife tell it. Peep the twitter convo below:

(via Necole Bitchie)

What the heck? Clearly Demi has no clue that the “Big Pimpin” phrase is a something that Jay-Z made popular (YEARS ago) and really doesn’t mean anything other than “we are doing it big” or “we are having a great time.”

And the Ding-Bat of the Year Award goes to… Demi Moore! Get off Twitter granny (LOL!)