Jennifer Hudson and Her Fiance David Otunga Have Set a Wedding Date

R&B singer Jennifer Hudson and her fiance/baby daddy David Otunga are ready to get married and have set a date, according to Life & Style Magazine (via AOL BV). They’re not releasing a lot of details just yet, but are telling a little here and there:

Otunga previously appeared on the hit VH1 reality show, ‘I Love New York 2,’ and most recently flexed his skills as an aspiring wrestler on ‘WWE NXT.’ In the exclusive interview, he confirmed that his bride-to-be has chosen a dress, as well. Of their wedding rings, Otunga shared that they are planning to have famed jeweler Neil Lane, who created Hudson’s engagement ring, design their wedding bands, as he is “a personal friend, as well.”

The Harvard educated lawyer also mentioned, “I want my son and I to wear matching custom tuxedos.” As for whether the former ‘American Idol’ castoff-turned-Academy Award-winning phenom will perform at the reception, he added, “It would be wonderful to have Jennifer sing – I’d love that.”

David and Jennifer got engaged in September 2008 following the singer’s birthday. Nearly a year later, in August 2009, the married couple to be welcomed their son David Jr. into the world.

  • Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga are a very good look. They are such a loving wonderful pair. I have been saying since the start of this relationship that they are a very hot couple. I believe they are the hottest most interesting black couple since Will and Jada Smith came about. They have also created such a very beautiful family. I can not wait to see the wedding pictures.

  • Candy

    .Since Will & Jada,excuse me I don’t think so.BEY & j,shacking up is not hot

  • @Candy: First off, honey Beyonce and Jay-z are not a good look to me. However, they are the most powerful black pair. They are just not interesting as a couple not hot at all. I love both of them in their careers, and they are great. I just feel they are not truely in love and if they are it does not show. Now, on the other hand Jennifer and David is very interesting as a couple. People are always trying to get in their space to find out about the relationship. They look great togather and they compliment each other very well. When you see them you know the couple are very genuine. Its not fake are a front for the public and media.

  • christiana

    so happy for you girl

  • christiana

    @norma: i know they wrong

  • Sheba

    They do look really good together but they need to make it legal especially since she likes to talk about giving God glory and her background. Icons need to be positive. We have enough that shack up, have babies and carry on as if they are all good.. Not! No sence in waiting..just go ahead and do it!

  • kayla broussard

    i hope they havea great wedding