Can you imagine it? Jay-Z and Eminem rockin’ a mega show at the all new Cowboys Stadium? Well Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks it can happen. He recently spoke to MTV:

Jones said we might eventually see a huge rap show at the stadium, which could hold well over 100,000 fans for a concert, and he thinks Em or Jay-Z would be perfect to pack the venue. “Those are the kinds of stars or the kinds of individuals that people are so interested in seeing,” he said. “We’ve got a venue there that can show them and their skills and talent. We could put a crowd in there to watch them.” there to watch them.”

Here’s what Jay-Z said in response:

“I’m here [playing Dallas] in a couple of weeks, actually,” Jay-Z said when asked about Jones’ comments. “I’m not playing the big stadium, but one day.”

We think that this is very possible. Jay-Z and Eminem could do it. And that Cowboys Stadium is huge! Over 100,000 people were there for the All Star Game last weekend.