Black Eyed Peas Kick Off Tour with Ludacris in Atlanta, GA

Black Eyed Peas Kick Off Tour with Ludacris in Atlanta, GA

The Black Eyed Peas kicked off their first tour since 2006 Thursday night (Feb 4) in Atlanta at the Philips Arena. During the show, which featured an opening set from ATL’s own Ludacris, BEP’s said that they chose to open the tour in Atlanta because they’re what’s hot right now so what better place to kick off the tour than “Hotlanta?”

“When they told us the tour was going to start in Atlanta some of my friends were like huh? Why don’t you start in L.A. or New York?” the group’s said at one point. “I said because the Black Eyed Peas are hot right now. It’s got to be Hotlanta!”


More pics of Luda, and Fergie,, and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas below…



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