Tyrese’s Soon-to-be Ex-Wife Norma Gibson Gets $0.00 in Divorce Settlement!

Tyrese & Norma Gibson

According to divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Tyrese Gibson earned about $77,946 per month in 2008, which equates to about $935,952 for the entire year. His soon-to-be ex-wife Norma Gibson? Nowhere close. Do us a favor and take your hand, put it in the air and connect the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger. Yeah, that’s what she made in 2008: $0.00. And guess what she made off the divorce settlement? The same … exact … thing.

As a matter of fact, the only possessions of hers that were listed were a couple of paintings and some jewelry. Well that and the $6,230 a month she gets in child support.

The prenumptial agreement, signed by both Tyrese and Norma, states that if the two were to ever divorce, Norma wouldn’t get a piece of any Tyrese’s possessions, including his production companies, his Bentley, his Land Rover, his house in Temecula, CA, the gallon of milk in the refrigerator … nothing. The only thing she would get is a lump sum of $50,000 for every year they were married, for up to 10 years. But unfortunately for Norma, her marriage to Tyrese only lasted a mere 10 months.

And if that wasn’t enough to make someone cry, she is required by law to move out within 60 days. And if she fails to do so, Tyrese can get a court order to force her out.


  • Briana

    Omg i would have been so mad!
    But she should have gitta up off her ass and gotten a job and made some money!

  • k2007

    what a DUM

  • Pristine Clemont

    That’s what happens when you live on man, when shit it the fan you got nothing but the clothes on your back , all because you never focused on what you should of have doing. Had she had some kind of direction, ambition etc… then maybe they wouldn’t have gone through with the divorce.

  • Avie

    I hate to see women living off of men get a damn job!!I read a story before with her saying ‘she has to get half of everything’.she deserves wha she gets half of nothing.They won’t even married for a year.He is the one who works hard.You can’t say u hav to take care of his child it’s urs too.Stop being ridiculous.

  • That’s why we are in a recession now, not eveyone is pulling their weight. Some people are looking for a handout. But I blame Tyrese because if he had of married me (his soul mate) we would be still living happily ever after.


    Wow!! We are an interesting breed of folks…Remember there is “His” Story, “Her” Story and somewhere in between the TRUTH. so here are some interesting things to ponder: Tyrese meets a young lady…who was just 20 years old…he promised her parents he would love her, take care of her, and respect the relationship he wanted to start with her…He brought her to the United States after receiving the blessing of her parents..THAT WAS OVER 7 YEARS AGO…..so yes the “legal” marriage was a mere 10 months….but the real responsibility of commitment and true marriage started when he received permission from her parents over SEVEN YEARS AGO….While in the relationship with Norma…Tryese has cheated on her etc….he has sabbatoged her efforts to retain employment..and furthering her education…..She was a beautiful piece of Artwork to be seen and not touched….I wonder did he see his own father leave his mother for another woman…Where do folks learn such behavior….I SAY MAN UP MR. TYRESE…YOU ARE BEHAVING LIKE THE CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE YOU WERE IN….BABY BOY…..THIS WOMAN IS FROM A DIFFERENT CLOTH…FAMILY IS VERY INPORTANT TO HER..SHE LIVES FOR YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER…you should want the best for her and the child…WHEN A REAL MAN STARTS A FAMILY….WHETHER HE IS WITH THE WOMAN OR NOT…HE WANTS BOTH THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD AND THE CHILD WELL TAKEN CARE OF…they will always be connected to you…ALWAYS!! GOD HAS BLESSED YOU TO BE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILIES….yes you probably have more than just this one child with Norma….stop being a punk…when you hurt the mother…you hurt the child…..Both deserve Better from you….Peace and Blessings…..Let History be your guide…Great Men….Great African Men…Take care of the FAMILY….Regardless of the situation…God has truely blessed you…STOP BEING DISHONEST AND CHEAP

  • RealityChecker


    Are you high? They had a prenup and they were married for LESS THAN 300 DAYS. I am sorry but the Califronia court system defers toward (as has for 30 years) being pro-women-and-children almost criminally so. Want proof? When a woman tells a man that he is the father of her child and he doesn’t challenge it within 45 days of birth he is financially obligated to that child for the next 18 years. Even if DNA tests later reveal that he is absolutely not the father of the child, the courts can and will rule that he STILL has to pay child support for someone elses child or have his wages garnished. If a court system that rationalizes and justifies this kind of crap determined that Mrs. Gibson should not win the lottery for 10 months of marriage, there was ample reason. Get real and stop calling him names because the courts actually followed the law. Score one for justice and fairness. You make yourself sound like a bitter old man-hating witch, not worthy of realistic debate of the law and morality.

  • RealityChecker

    By the way, $75,000 a year for child support is more than the vast majority of families make in the entire state of California. The median FAMILY income for 2007 in the state was $55,450. That is nearly $20k less than what Gibson’s daughter will get for herself. I used to live in Temecula, about a mile from the Gibson’s house. My wife met him at the Transformers movie premier in the Promenade Mall Theater. Two people can live pretty well on $75k in Temecula, not wealthy but not starving either. Even with a part-time job, she can turn that into nearly $100k a year. There are no free lunches anymore and everyone needs to stop looking for handouts. I hear Tiger Woods had a pretty rock solid pre-nup too.

  • RealityChecker

    He hindered her ability to get her education for 10 months? Come onnnnnn! She was reported as wanting half of everything for 10 months of marriage. And he was paying her legal fees to try to overturn the prenup. What a freaking joke. She thought she had bought a lottery ticket and so did her lawyers. Get Real!

  • Real


  • Lpoetry72

    I dont understand most of FAIRYGODMOTHER’S logic…jbc he met this woman overseas and made a promise hes a villan? No one forced her to uproot her life and move across the ocean! a young woman at 20yrs old is still a woman, she could have said NO. No one forced her. She was “in love” and made a choice.
    And I HAVE TO SAY…any woman that would move across the damn ocean and then let a man string her along for YEARS before marying her…deserves what she gets! Obviously her parents r fools too bc why would u give a man permission to take ur child across an ocean WITHOUT benefit of marriage? ummm….maybe bc hes got money?Dont think that didnt factor into them “giving their blessing” as FGM states! Now we’re supposed to feel like she was duped? She duped herself. I wouldnt move across STATE LINES 4 a man b4 i really knew him& knew his committment and intentions were true and steady, much less shack up with him for YEARS while HE is flying all over the world, living the glamorous life?? She played herself. She was smart enough to have a baby by him but dumb enough to think she’d never have to work again.Being a mommy doesnt make u incapable of going to school and supporting yourself. I hate how the law lumps all women as worthy of support. If you have 2 hands, can walk, and are intelligent…you arent entitled unless your husband told you not to work or you made a joint decision to quit and job, stop going to scholl, etc. If he didnt then you CHOSE not to be gainfully employed so dont cry when the judge doesnt grant u enough support for u to be a lady of leisure. You werent a lady of leisure b4 Tyrese …you dont get to be one after 10 months of marriage! Her masterplan blew up in her face. She should have been prepared.Always be prepared if you CHOOSE to date a TOMCAT! She knew what Tyrese was…she wasnt stupid!You see he made SURE the marriage didnt last 12 months?He got out just in time to keep his money…bc he knew that he’d be paying out for the next 10 yrs if she didnt remarry.And some grimy chicks will purposely NOT remarry for YEARS even if they want to just so they dont have to give up that check!

  • fuzzy

    gold diggers

  • MsCam1984 .

    shit 6 grand a month in child support and she complaining girl u can get u a house with that, Stop crying

  • Dave Lee

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, the small head did not rule the big head, good Tyree, good, rarely, rarely, too many men got RIPPED off by Ex, of course there are some ex-wives deserve some $$$, but majority cases are not fair to men

  • Dave Lee

    Tyree should write “B 4 married 101”