♫ Raven Symoné Eponymous Album in Stores NOW!

Raven Symone - Raven Symone (Hollywood Records)

Young starlet Raven Symone released her fourth studio album this week, please make sure you go out and support her buying the album!! It features stellar production from Sean Garrett, who will also be dropping an album later on this year, Oak and Mario (of the Knightwritaz) and of course The Clutch!!

Lordy, I have to honest, I got a little worried about that Double Dutch Bus single, I know Raven getting her money but c’mon now … she is too grown! However, HOWEVER this album is the epitome of grown, sexy, WOMAN-she’s woman now. So yeah, that Double Dutch Bus single is misleading indeed, there are no kiddie Disney fillers — thank Baby Daniel‘s royal pimp hand!

Overall I would say Raven Symone’s new eponymous album is a good buy; and a nice birthday gift or something. There are a few bangers, with Sean Garrett, and some nice ballads. My favourite tracks would have to be Anti-Love Song, Love Me Or Leave Me, In Your Skin and Keep A Friend.

  • djtrey

    why u reviewing raven-symone and madonna. straight disneyland in this bitch


    i bought the album and ur right. pure fire!

  • Dee

    haa haa LMFAO, I like that he reviewed it the point is to open up the minds of closed minded people, whom radio controls. Thanks mike. But I didn’t know she had a cd out. Raven tries to hard, man she should just do her, stop trying to do all this really really urban stuff, but then again I think that shit we’ll never get to know who the hell she is because we can’t get past her cosby show/disney channel image. I rather hear about Raven than a lot of this stupid stuff that’s out now. Once again thanks Mike, FOR ALL YOU DO.

  • Nealboy

    The albums great!
    I Heard some tracks on youtube around dis time last year nd didnt even kno she has put out an album!..As soon as i heard “Anti-Luv Song” i knew i had to go buy the album!..Nd im so Gladd I Did!!!!…It was Amazing! fav Album by a Disney Artist…She Gives Miley A Run 4 her money!!!!..This albums best tracks are “Anti-Luv song” “Keep A Friend” “Stupid” “In The Pictures” & “Love Me Or Leave Me”!
    If only Disney Would have Promoted it As well as Holly wood records then it definently would have hit the charts in a big way but No, they were too busy promoting Lazy ass mileys new album “Breakkout” witch wasnt as good an album as this one!