Is Beyonce Pregnant?

According to recent rumors, Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s wedding was apparently a big ol’ cover-up for Beyonce’s alleged pregnancy! I’m sure you all remember how the Knowles’ forced their daughter Solange to get married a few years ago, to save face of course, when they discovered she was pregnant. I tell ya … if ain’t one rumor, it’s another!

What makes this rumor almost bogus is that the only reasoning behind it is because the two, and their friends and respective families, kept the whole thing a secret. Well honestly if I were in either Beyonce’s or Jay’s shoes, I would have done the same thing. Everybody is already in their business as it is. You see how quickly everyone found out about Friday’s wedding, and no one was intentionally told. Just imagine how it would have went down if they had announced to the world!

But if Beyonce is indeed pregnant, congratulations. But I’ve been a fan of hers for years, so I already know not to expect an official word from anyone in her camp, or even Jay’s for that matter. Hell, they’ve been married for almost a week now and neither of their publicists have spoken up.

One thing about a pregnancy though. Time will eventually tell…

  • Tyona

    y yall talkin bout dem ppl????
    yall cnt kno them so stop talkin!!

  • Tyona

    bitch lave beyonce alone nowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    Well, according to rumors, Bee is always pregnant. She has been since her and Jay got together. sigh* We’ll see this time. But if she is congrats!

  • i cant belive bee iz prego like i no thier babys going 2 be kute cuz day aint ugly

  • WELL its about time she had a little one but jay z is ugly and them lips oh god but other then that they probably will have a cute little baby but if she ain’t prego then maybe next time she will b but if it’s true now conrats to u both best wishes.