So a snippet of the video for Usher‘s new single Love in this Club has hit the net, and I can’t really say that I’m feeling it. But it’s only 30 seconds, so I’ll reserve a full judgement for Monday (Apr. 7th) when it’s supposed to premiere. Oh, and I just love how I saw Keri Hilson‘s face only once in that whole 30 seconds. Looks like ol’ Tameka got to the editors too! Now, you may be thinking: “But Dustin, it’s just 30 seconds! And it’s Usher’s video…” Well I figure an entire video is about 4 minutes long, right? You do the math lol. 4 minutes times 60 seconds per minute, equals 240 seconds. 30 of 240 seconds is about 12%. So that’s 12% of the video. But it might just be that 12% where you barely see her, so like I said before, I’ll reserve a full judgement for when the FULL video premieres.

Shouts out to Toya for the clip!