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Zac Efron Shows Off Drake Inspired Tattoo and Wears Mismatched Socks at “New Year’s Eve” Press Conference in Tokyo [PHOTOS]

Zac Efron must be a Drake fan too, because during a press conference in Tokyo Thursday (Dec 15) for his latest movie "New Year's...

Indie Rapper Mingo Baby Explains Why “Free Lil Boosie” is Tattooed to His Forehead [VIDEO]

If you thought the woman with Drake's name tattooed on her forehead was bad enough ... then you obviously haven't heard about the guy...

Drake Fan Gets His Name Tattooed to Her Forehead [PHOTOS]

Drake's biggest (and dumbest) fan thought it would be a cool idea to get his name -- in BIG, HUGE, CAPITAL LETTERS -- tattooed...

Woman Spent 8 Years Tattooing Her ENTIRE Body After Divorcing Husband

This lady decided to tattoo her WHOLE ... ENTIRE ... BODY after going through a divorce. The entire process took about 8 years. (Must have...

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