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Ricky Romance Says Club Bouncer Broke His Foot!

That fight Raz-B's brother Ricky Romance got into with a club bouncer last month did more damage than he expected. According to Romance, it left...

Ricky Romance Gets Beat Down Outside an L.A. Nightclub After the BET Awards! [VIDEO]

Raz B's crazy brother Ricky Romance took one hell of an ass whoopin' last night after the 2011 BET Awards! According to TMZ ... Romance...

Ricky Romance Engaged to “Family Matters” Actress Cherie Johnson

Now this is just a whole heap of f**kery in the making.... Raz B's brother Ricky Romance (yeah, the one who threatened Chris Brown) is...

Raz B’s Brother Ricky Romance Attacked ….. by Yung Joc?

SMH......we guess Raz B's brother Ricky Romance isn't as hard as he makes himself out to be!! The "Internet gangster" was attacked last night at...

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