Seth Rogen Tells Nancy Grace What Everyone Thinks Of Her: “You Are A F**king Dumbass”

Nancy Grace refuses to let up on her absurd crusade against "POT!" and she continues to use her bully pulpit to "warn" Americans how...

Watch This Magnificent Vine of Perez Hilton Getting Cursed Out to His Face Over and Over Again

The bait: What's up? I'm here with Perez Hilton... Plus the switch: ...who's a fu*king piece of sh*t ass-h*le. FU*K YOU! Equals "PERFECTION." WATCH HERE: Thanks BuzzFeed!

#Jaide Is Trending On Twitter Because A Bully Got Beat Up In WorldStarHipHop Fight Video

WorldStarHipHop.com is known for its ratchet content and fight videos, but one particular fight video has gone viral on Twitter, and it's got EVERYONE...

Proud Sikh Woman with Full Beard Gracefully Responds to Internet Critics

What would you do if someone took a picture of you without your knowledge, then uploaded said picture to the Internet just to make...

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