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What’s Up With Syria? A Guide to the Conflict on the Other Side of the World

If all you've been able to think about is Miley Cyrus rubbing a foam finger against her privates, you may be suffering from a...

U.S. Copyright Alert System Gives ISPs Free Rein to Slow Your Internet Down for Illegal Downloading

Starting this week, the five major internet service providers (AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner Cable) have free rein to harass you with...

50 Cent’s Four-Step Plan For A Masturbation-Free Life

Hey, you there. Are you yearning for a clean and pure life, free of masturbation and the filthy desires associated with it? Well, fortunately ......

The Non Sports Fan’s Guide to the NFL’s Replacement Referee Fiasco and Green Bay’s Stolen Game

Last night, a bad call by the NFL's replacement referees cost the Green Bay Packers a win, and everyone's talking about it. Everyone except...

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