The 2016 presidential election will have to go down as one of the craziest elections of all time (at least, one can only hope it doesn’t get worse than this).

Both Red and Blue have retreated as far into their respective corners as possible, and after months of in-fighting, failed pundit predictions, and at least one mention of male endowment, it seems we are finally on the verge of having two criminals…I mean, candidates, to choose from.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is the last man standing, having felled and tamed 16 other failed candidates. Who here truly believed that would be the case? Let’s be honest, we all thought this whole Trump Campaign thing was funny at first, but bound to die off once things got serious. Here we are a year later, and there he is, standing tall like the towers that are clad with his name – a lone survivor.

The Democratic side still hasn’t wrapped up, but all signs point to Hillary Clinton claiming the nomination over black horse Bernie Sanders. This one isn’t as surprising, as it was either her, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist who apparently doesn’t own a comb, or three other guys that no one ever bothered to learn the names of. Bernie refuses to quit, but should he show up poorly next Tuesday (and potentially even if he’s successful), the nomination will be Hillary’s.

Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. Oh, boy.

One is currently set to serve as the defendant in a class-action lawsuit this November, right after the election takes place. The other is in the midst of an ongoing FBI investigation over leaving classified information vulnerable on an unprotected email server with no end in sight.

For Trump, this wouldn’t be bothersome were it not for the whole, “I’m running for president” thing. And hell, for him, it still may not be, even despite today’s release of damning evidence in the Trump University case. Nothing seems to faze him, let alone a pesky lawsuit. He may not have any experience in government, but if there’s one thing he does know, it’s litigation.

A USA Today investigation revealed that Trump and/or his companies have been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits, over 1,450 of which he was the defendant. Still, the thought of our newly elected president having to sit in court over robbing American citizens of their hard-earned money is quite mind boggling.

As for Clinton, she had hoped this little e-mail kerfuffle wouldn’t be a talking point. Even Bernie Sanders declared in one of the earlier Democratic debates, “the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails!” Sanders typically has a good track record, but boy was he wrong about this one.

The investigation continues to ramp up, with members of Clinton’s staff being forced to answer questions while Clinton herself continues to avoid interviews with the FBI. Where her stance once was that she’d done nothing wrong, now she apologizes and claims ignorance on the damning details. Charges could still come as the investigation continues.

And that’s where we stand, America. On the one hand, we can choose a self-indulgent ex-reality TV star currently being sued. On the other, we have a difficult to trust political elite who is fighting the FBI. Of the over 300 million Americans, apparently this is the best our political system can muster up.

Or, there’s always the third option. Canada.

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