The Internet is going crazy over a photo that has surfaced of Young Jeezy purportedly showing off a toothless grin after his teeth fell out in the middle of a concert.

According to online reports Jeezy suffered a bit of a “dental malfunction” during a recent concert. Apparently, while performing (or maybe afterward?), the rapper’s partial denture fell out of his month.

Check out the photo (via MTO) here:


It wasn’t immediately made clear why or how Jeezy’s dentures fell out of his mouth, or where he was performing when it happened, or if this is even a recent picture. Hell, this might not even b Jeezy at all!

Y’all do know Media FAKE Out was built on lies, right?

Here are some truly recent pictures of Jeezy, taken straight from his Twitter page:

Yeah… I don’t know. I’m calling bullshit on this one.

Yes, the photo is real (it doesn’t appear to “photoshopped”), however, Jeezy’s beard is a lot fuller in the photos he’s been posting on Twitter vs. MTO’s so-called “recent” photo. See below:


What do you think?

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