Battle rapper Daylyt is known for his wild and crazy antics, and he shocked the world last year when he said he would “f*ck the sh*t out of Diddy.”

Now he’s professing his desire to do the same to T.I. because he has a “quota to fill” for 2015, and he’s also been “feeling this caramel sh*t lately.” Plus, he says he knows “T.I. a freak,” so he has that going for him.

In a clip from a recent interview with VladTV, Daylyt — who tried to take a dump on stage after getting booed at a rap battle show in Phoenix last October — addressed his homosexual antics, explaining, “I’ll suck a d*ck or two, but I’m not gay.”


You put human penises in your mouth, but you’re not gay. You apparently have sex with men, but you’re not gay. You have expressed your desire to “f*ck the shit out of” two prominent Hip Hop figures … but you’re not gay.

In the words of Riley Freeman … “N*GGA, YOU GAY!”

But according to something Daylyt made up called “The Gay Book,” a man isn’t considered gay “as long as you f*ck 22 bitches to every n*gga,” and he says he lives by this rule, making sure that he manages to have sex with “one n*gga per year, minimum.”

After he’s had his “one n*gga” for the year, Daylyt says he spends the rest of his time having sex with women so that he can’t be considered “legitimately gay. The “one n*gga” he wants this year is T.I., apparently.

From VladTV:

To fill his “quota” for 2015, Daylyt named Hustle Gang head-honcho T.I. as the man that he’d like to sleep with most. Day went on to explain how he knows T.I. is a “freak,” and that he’s been “feeling this caramel sh*t lately.” He also denied having interests in Drake because he doesn’t “f**k with ni**as who are already gay. I only like straight men.”

WTF?!? Who is this coon a** mofo, where did y’all get him from, and how do we send his dumb a** back?!?

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