Fans of the “K-Pop” genre of music are in mourning today over the death of Ladies’ Code group member EunB.

Ladies’ Code, a wildly popular Korean girl group, was involved in a tragic car accident early Wednesday morning (Sep 3) while they were on their way to Seoul.

According to reports, the van driving the girls and their entourage had its back wheel fall off, and the vehicle spun around several times before crashing into a guard rail.

EunB died as a result of her injuries, and another group member named Rise was said to be in critical condition. SoJung, also a member of the group, was injured and hospitalized, while the other passengers (including group members Ashley and Zuny, band managers and stylists) didn’t suffer serious injuries.

The group’s label Polaris Entertainment released a statement to Yahoo! Phillippines explaining exactly what happened:

“After a schedule in Daegu on September 2, LADIES? CODE was headed back to Seoul. Around 1:30 AM in Suwon, an issue occured with the car?s back wheel coming off. With the rainy road and wheel coming off, the vehicle spun several times, hitting a guardrail.

“Due to this, Eun Bi unfortunately passed away. The other members, Rise is in critical condition while So Jung is injured and hospitalized, currently receiving treatment. The other members, manager, and stylists, who were in the car, did not receive serious injuries.

“Our staff is also unable to recover from the shock and are in great sorrow right now. We want to apologize to all the fans and everyone who have received much shock, and we ask for everyone to pray for the quick recovery of the members.”

Fans of the group shared their condolences on Twitter:

h/t: E! News

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