Sweet baby Jesus. Just when you start to feel a little bad for Porsha Stewart, she goes and opens up her big, stupid mouth and successfully erases all traces of empathy from your brain for her.civ

In episode 8 of the sixth season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, the ladies pay a visit to the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Ga. This church is historically important since it is the oldest black congregation in North America. Additionally, the church served as a stop in the Underground Railroad during slavery.

So the tour guide walks the ladies through the church and explains important black history that took place in the venue. At one point, he pauses to point out a piece of the floor with holes in it, which he says were used as ventilation for passengers on the Underground Railroad.

Porsha, being the granddaughter of civil rights activist Hosea Williams, chimes in and says this is so significant and this is why she wants more young black kids to know more about their history. That’s sweet. Unfortunately, in the next breath, Porsha proceeds to prove just how out of touch the young generation is with black history when she asks the tour guide where the “opening” was for the train.

Everyone’s jaws hit the floor at Porsha’s unbelievable depths of Porsha’s stupidity.

The tour guide laughed to keep from crying.


Cynthia wanted to turn herself inside-out in utter horror and embarrassment.


And Kandi wanted to strangle Porsha’s bobble head clean off.


After Porsha dropped that idiot bomb, Phaedra and Kandi did their best to try and quickly educate Porsha on the fact that the Underground Railroad is NOT an actual train, but rather a figurative term for the network of people and locations that runaway slaves used to reach the North.


Even after they explained this, Porsha continued to insist on the existence of a train of some sort. The fact that Porsha is unable to comprehend and wrap her mind around a black history fact that most 3rd graders have mastered is beyond pathetic. It’s depressing.


Jessica Simpson clucking about “Chicken of the Sea” tasting like tuna is a cute, bimbo comment. But Porsha Williams, the granddaughter of a civil rights activist, not knowing a basic tenet of civil rights history is disastrous for the black community. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Mynique Gets Read by Phaedra, Kandi and Porsha


A few seasons back, Bravo decided to see if Marlo would fit in with the group as a new Housewife. That plan blew up, however, when Marlo used the gay slur “f**got” while insulting Sheree. Bravo, a pro-gay network, wasn’t about to have no homophobe on the cast of one of its flagship shows.

So Marlo got the boot and they decided to bring Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart into the mix instead. But one of the housewives must be on the chopping block again because Bravo is clearly testing Mynique, the wife of former Atlanta Falcons player Chuck Smith, with the group.

Mynique joined the girls on their annual excursion and right from the jump, she started rubbing some of the girls the wrong way. After a long road trip, Mynique inserts herself into the ongoing debate about who shows up late the most. The other girls comment that Phaedra is always late and Mynique (who confusingly pronounces her name with an “O” even though it’s spelled with a “Y”….) jumps on the bandwagon and jokes with Phaedra that she’d better be on time for the rest of the trip.

If looks were knives, Phaedra’s glare would’ve been the equivalent of 99 daggers.


Homegirl DID NOT enjoy Mynique’s assertion that she is always late and was quick to let Mynique know that she doesn’t know a thing about Phaedra’s punctuality, as she is a mother to a newborn who has JOBS. Plural. Not one job, but jobs.

This was an important point as Mynique is nothing but an unemployed housewife. So that shade was a direct hit.

So yeah, in short: Phaedra said I’m busy so if I am late (not saying that I am), it’s cause I’m doing thangs.

After Phaedra checked Mynique and walked off, the other ladies tried to soothe Mynique after her devastating read. But this fool went and said that she didn’t “feel” read. Uh huh. Lil’ Kim doesn’t “feel” like she’s gone too far with her plastic surgery but we all know that that’s a damn lie.

The facts are the facts and Phaedra is an expert at reading and shading and Mynique got served. That’s that. Even NeNe told her gal pal that she got read and that she should accept it.

You would think that little tiff with Phaedra was enough to keep Mynique in check, but this bitch went and jumped out the window while they were out on the town in Savannah and decided to bring up her husband’s dating history with Kandi and Phaedra as fodder for the show.


I know damn well that NeNe and the Bravo producers whispered in Mynique’s ear that she should “confront” Kandi about dating her man as it would make for good TV. And it did. But it also made her look like a damn fool as it quickly became clear that her husband had not been honest about the full extent of his relationship with Kandi or Phaedra.

Mynique awkwardly asserts that Kandi’s mom seemed awfully familiar with Chuck at NeNe’s wedding, even though they’d only dated for “2 weeks.” Kandi recoiled in shock and squawked, “2 weeks?!”

Kandi went on to explain that while they didn’t date for years and years, their relationship certainly extended far beyond a fling and that she got to know his family quite well as he did hers. She also added that Chuck took care of her financially and often paid for her credit card bills.


Damn, girl. Damn.

Kenya’s messy ass kept interjecting asking Kandi how the sex was with Chuck. At this point, Mynique got offended called Kenya “tacky wacky.” Now hold up, lady, you’re the one who sat up and asked your husband’s ex-girlfriend about their relationship on national TV for ratings. Let’s be careful with who we label tacky in this situation because that’s a blouse that fits more than one of you at that table.


After Phaedra came back from pumping her breastmilk, she weighed in on her relationship with Chuck and mentioned that they dated in middle school and reconnected in college as well. The interesting thing about this revelation is that Chuck denied dating Phaedra when NeNe asked him a few episodes back.

So Chuck’s got some ‘splainin’ to do at this point.

With all of this tea spilled, the girls not involved in the mess (Kenya, Cynthia, NeNe and Porsha) are getting crunk and Porsha starts yapping that Mynique needs to ask questions because her husband didn’t tell her the whole truth.


Mynique’s black side snapped and she started neck swirling and dropping the “boo” word all over the place as she informed Porsha that she and her husband communicate just fine, unlike she and Kordell. That set Porsha off and the ladies started clashing. NeNe had to intervene to help the dust settle.


If Mynique is gonna hang around these ladies, she’s gonna have to step her game up because these big, bad she-wolves ate her ass for lunch like she was one of the three little pigs in this episode. At least Marlo knew how to hold her own.

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