Last season, the ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” got a serious dose of reality when NeNe Leakes blocked the girls from entering her dinner party after they showed up 3 hours late.

You’d think that after they got chewed out and spit out by Mrs. Leakes last time that these girls would get it together and at least minimize their tardiness to an hour. But nope, these girls did it again and showed up nearly three hours late for their trip to Savannah.


While waiting for her fellow castmates to show up at her neighborhood clubhouse, NeNe kicks it with Mynique (which is bafflingly pronounced “Mo-nique”) and they put out some fresh fruit and other goodies to nibble on. Kenya shows up around 11:35 and is absolutely surprised to see that she’s among the first to arrive.

During the first hour, NeNe tried to take it all in stride. But by hour 2 and 3, she had enough.

NeNe greeted Cynthia with glee and cheer but when Porsha showed up shortly after her, NeNe gave her ass the ice grill and pointedly asked Porsha why she was late. Funny how she ain’t say a word to Cynthia. A cynic might surmise that it’s because NeNe plays favorites and wouldn’t dare check her friend Cynthia. But you ain’t heard that from me.

About an hour after Porsha arrives, Kandi pulls up and NeNe has reached her wits’ end. She packed up and went home while she fumed over the girls’ inexcusable tardiness. Which honestly, is nice, because the old NeNe would’ve flipped her shit on all of these bitches.

Thanks to some good meditation and prayer (or a threat from the Bravo production team), NeNe decides to return and join the girls on their Savannah trip even though they were considerably late.


But before NeNe can even lecture the girls on the importance on being on time, Kenya Moore jumps in and starts hollering about how folks are always late and how she’s gonna get the second-best room in the house because she was on time.

WHAT? Out of Kenya’s OWN MOUTH, she says that they were supposed to be there by 10:30 am. The timestamp from the show has her arriving around 11:30 am. That’s still an HOUR late. Now she wasn’t as late as Kandi and Phaedra, who showed up at 1:45 pm and 2:00 pm respectively, but she was still an hour late herself.

So before Kenya decides to lecture somebody, she needs to practice what she preaches.


Poor, NeNe. She was too damn through with it all. She was through with these perpetually late-ass bitches and also over Kenya Moore and her attention whoring. Her retirement from reality TV might be coming sooner than we think.

Kandi Loses It Over Mama Joyce


While she stood firm and strong in the face of unrelenting criticism and attacks, the hate coming from her mother toward her relationship with Todd is finally getting to Kandi.

Mama Joyce has been on a warpath and Kandi has excused it for far too long. But the breaking point has been reached since Mama Joyce is taking off her shoes and threatening to throw them at her friends.

Since Cynthia faced a similar level of hateration from her mother and sister when she was getting married to Uncle Ben (aka Peter Thomas), Kandi seeks out some advice on how to deal with her mother’s erratic behavior.

After pouring her heart out and breaking down emotionally in front of Cynthia, Kandi asks Cynthia what she should do. Unfortunately, Cynthia pretty much tells her the same thing everyone else has been telling her: You need to check your mama.

You can tell it wasn’t the news Kandi was hoping to hear, but it must’ve worked, because she later sits down with Mama Joyce for another heart to heart.


While Kandi isn’t rude or nasty with it, she does hold her mother accountable and she repeatedly asks why her mother has a problem with Carmon and points out her Mama Joyce constantly plays the victim.

Sensing a losing battle, Joyce waves the white flag and promises to be “happy” for Kandi and swears she’s through with it all.

That’s what Joyce should’ve done from the beginning.

Porsha’s Expensive Shoe Habit


Since filing for divorce, Kordell has cut off access to his credit card so Porsha needs to ball on a budget. But her idea of budget and most people’s idea of a budget is completely different.

Porsha, who is an a first-name basis with store personnel, eagerly tries on a pair of golden gladiator sandals that she goes completely gaga over.


The only problem: They cost $7,000.

Since her pocketbooks dont reach that deep, Porsha instead opts to spend $3,500 on a pair of bedazzled, spiky shoes.


Girl, you need to figure out what that ramen noodle life is like before you claim that you’re being budget conscious. Also, you’re spoon-feeding Kordell’s attorney the necessary ammo he needs to torpedo your alimony requests.

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