Lady Gaga‘s comeback single “Applause” is a party record fit for a queen. A drag queen that is.

Gaga’s affections for the gay community are well known. Heck, she made it a part of her political platform and dedicated a whole song (“Born This Way”) to speak truth to the gay experience.

So it’s no surprise that Gaga tributes the gay community in the lyric video for her new single, “Applause.” Shot on the cheap, Gaga and her crew wild out with a bunch of drag queens at a drag show while they hair flip, pout, gyrate and “Naomi Campbell walk” the runway.

While it’s definitely low-budget, it honestly captures the spirit of the song quite well. It’s light, energetic and cathartic, which is a huge relief since Gaga went all dark and dreary for the “Born This Way” era. This is The Fame 2.0.

Also, thanks to the lyric video, I finally understand what the hell she’s saying in the song. She mumbles like the Bride of Frankenstein in those verses.


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