A very intoxicated Momma Dee was spotted outside of K. Michelle‘s ‘Rebellious Soul’ album listening party at Frank Ski’s in Atlanta over weekend. After being prompted about her son’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of her granddaughter, Erica Dixon, she proceeded to brand her a “trude ugly, non-sissy bitch and no loving bitch.” Whatever that means.

And for the umpteenth time, Momma Dee tried to boast of the so-called “chemistry” Scrappy and Shay Johnson have.

Listen, Momma Dee, Scrappy only wants her for one thing and marriage ain’t it. Did he not just say on the reunion that he’d rather make it work with Erica? He doesn’t care about Shay. If you love Shay so much, why don’t you date her? I mean, based on that trick you did with your tongue, that might be your sort of speed anyway.


I have no idea what Momma Dee is talking about as far as “wildabeasts” and “cutting/eating grass” goes, but I blocked it out and went back to the first season where Erica would have to ask Momma Dee if she took her meds. The answer is still no. Clearly.

P.S. Scrappy: You aren’t worth a damn for letting your mom get on camera and bash the mother of your child like that.

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