We now have a reason to watch Fox News aside from laughing at idiots digging themselves into holes.

Since “True Blood” has been wicked awesome this season, it’s no surprise that fans of the show are eager to discuss it. Fox News’ Shep Smith is no different, except for the fact that he likes to talk about it on live TV while covering stories that have pretty much nothing to do with the raunchy vampire drama.

Smith wasn’t going to let a silly thing like reporting on the arrival of the Royal Baby stand in his way of showing the HBO series some love. While speculating over what Prince William and Kate Middleton’s newborn son’s name would be, he managed to connect the process of naming royals to naming faeries on “True Blood.”

Smith mentioned Andy’s four fairy daughters and the fact that “Jessica fed on three of those daughter’s until they expired.” He said all this before he even explained what on God’s green earth he was talking about. He then mentioned that the remaining faery daughter Adeline Braylon Charlene Danika wasn’t named until episode six of this season.

“True Blood” recappers like us knew what he was talking about immediately but we can imagine how bizarre this must have sounded to those that have never watched the series.

Funnily enough, this wasn’t the first time Smith mentioned “True Blood” out of thin air. Last June, during a lengthy segment about Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal, Smith asked, “I wonder if he was taking V?”

For those of you that don’t know, “doing V” involves humans drinking vampire blood in order to get high and achieve heightened abilities, including super-human strength and the ability to heal one’s self.

His guest, Andrew Napolitano, was pretty confused by the reference and awkwardly nodded as Smith added, “It’ll make you crazy, the V.”

Yes it will Shep. Yes it will.

Shep then added that he’s “never seen Lance Armstrong on there, but he could probably beat the werewolves” and told his guests, “You should record the ‘True Blood or we’ll give you the True Death.”

If you translate that into “True Blood” terms, that means his guests must watch the show or they will be forced to burn in the sun and see their bodies melt into goo.

Can FOX News just give this guy a TB wrap-up show?

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