When will these youngin’s learn? Never, ever, ever, get a tattoo of a lover’s name on your body. That’s asking for nothing but a bucket full of burned flesh and tears of regret. Former lovers Adrienne Bailon and Robert Kardashian had to learn this the hard way.

Since Adrienne quit her job as a member of 3LW/The Cheetah Girls, she’s been bouncing around from reality TV to hosting gigs. She’s struck gold recently, as she was cast as part of The Real, the ethnic version of the hit talk show The View.

On the show, the ladies were discussing a woman who got a tattoo on her chest that said “Wet Dream.” Adrienne exhibited a smart sense of self-awareness and exed herself out from criticizing the woman’s poor decision making, since, you know, she went and got her one-time boyfriend Robert Kardashian’s name tattooed on her ass.

“I clearly can not talk about [anyone’s] tattoo. Everybody knows I had the ratchetest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend. I don’t know what I was thinking. So I cannot speak on the “wet dream” [tattoo]. […] It’s awful. Ten letter last name. Kardashian. Now that is a ratchet tattoo. I made a very bad decision. Don’t follow my example,” Adrienne warned.

Back in 2008, the two lovebirds wanted to prove to the world how in love they were, so they went and got tattoos of each other’s names on their bodies. Adrienne’s was on her booty and Robert got a tattoo of Adrienne’s name on his ribs.

Kim Kardashian wrote about the tattoos at the time saying, “I’ve been friends with Adrienne for a while and actually introduced her to Rob. I even brought her with me to my birthday party in October… never did i think they would get this serious!!! And by the way — Adrienne and I were fully supportive of his new tattoo!”

But have no fears, Adrienne is in the process of correcting her big mistake as she’s undergoing laser removal treatments. But she’s paying for her lovesick mistake with burned flesh and cold hard cash.

“We are getting it lasered. You go through that process. It does not feel good. You could smell your flesh burning. It’s my ass flesh burning. All bad….booty names…of other men. Ratchet. Don’t do it,” she warned.


[H/T: NecoleBitchie]

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