A video uploaded two months ago on YouTube by prankster James Williams showing his girlfriend being freaked out because she thinks something terrifying is coming through her TV has gone viral on the Internet.

Williams wrote in the video’s description that he wanted to see what would happen if he were able to convince his girlfriend that the creepy little girl Samara from the movie “The Ring” was crawling out of their flat screen TV set.

I wanted to see how my girlfriend would react to a ghost coming out the tv trying to grab hold of her. I did it by creating a ghost like puppet that would clamp to the tv screen.

I had to stop her running out the house. She said “my legs went like jelly, I couldn’t really think what was happening but all I knew was that thing just kept coming at me”. At the end you see her looking over at it. She was asking. “What is it? What is it?”. I like the fact torch stayed standing up right the entire time. Even with all the kicking lol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mouth open so wide screaming.

I spent quite a few weeks planning the prank. The week before it I told her I thought I saw a woman standing at the end of our bed in the middle of the night.


[H/T: Gawker]

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