Sometimes there is no sweeter sound than that of a fed up Black woman. While some colored folks get in a tizzy when they see one of their own pop off in front of a news camera crew, I want to buy this woman a damn drink. Brown liquor, of course. She looks like she’s into Crown Royal.

Detroit resident Melinda Brown Duncan (Baby!) is sick and tired of what’s happening in her damn city. Yes, Detroit is deep in debt, has a high crime rate, and people are getting the hell out of dodge in droves. Local government officials haven’t done enough to curb the systemic problems that have long plagued the city, so my new hero offered some advice — straight, no chaser.

Auntie Melinda said of government officials:

“Dave Bing and the governor, y’all problem is that y’all just sittin’ up there collectin’ checks! If y’all really wanna run the city of Detroit, come around here in every block of the city of Detroit, look through these houses, if they ain’t no good tear they asses down, so people could stop finding dead relatives in these damn houses!”

She added:

“…put my ass in office I”ll show you how to damn run the city of damn Detroit … That’s why people don’t wanna come to the city of Detroit, ’cause y’all sorry asses not gettin’ off yo asses and doin’ shit…. So kiss my black ass and get off of office, BYE!”

She may sound like Frankie Lons was her speech coach, but she is speaking some truth, ya hear?  Someone please put her on the ballot stat. Blessings to Fresh, the most high, for bringing this into our lives.

[H/T: Crunk + Disorderly]

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