Somehow, the men of “Love & Hip Hop” managed to outbitch the women on the second part of the reunion special.

Even though Consequence and Joe never filmed together during their stint on this season of LHH, the fellas found themselves embroiled in beef. (No Campbells)

It all started apparently with the radio tour Consequence and his baby mama Jen were doing where they talked recklessly about Kanye and Joe. Honestly, I don’t recall hearing Consequence say anything about Joe during those promos, but apparently words were said and Joe heard it. So he confronted Consequence about what was said when the two were at the Hot 97 studios.

The two talked and Consequence seemed somewhat apologetic. So the beef appeared to be squashed.

But during a commercial break at the reunion, Consequence took the opportunity to run up on Joe Budden and sucker punch him in the back of his head knocking Joe’s Steve Urkel glasses clean off.


Needless to say, Joe was caught a bit off guard by the drive-by assault.


Mona asked Cons why he pulled such a bitch-ass move and Consequence explained it was because he felt disrespected. Joe, he said, barged in on his interview and he threatened him when he said that if Cons mentioned Joe in an interview again, that he’d have to approach him differently.

“I took my opportunity,” Consequence said without shame.

That bamma isn’t just a bucktoothed beaver, he’s also a lowdown dirty snake.

But guess what? Joe got his ass back after the reunion cause he sicced his goons on Consequence and got him just as good.

Bitch, don’t kill my vibe.

The funniest part was when Consequence tried to go rogue and take Joe on. But Mona’s security wasn’t having it and they picked his lil’ Smurf ass up like he was a toddler.



The Passion of the Mendeecees

When Mona put on her serious mug for Yandy’s segment, you would’ve thought we were sitting through a reenactment of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Mona did the most for this bitch and they put Mendeecees and Yandy on a fucking pedestal.

Yandy must pull some serious weight with Mona and the show because they spent the entire segment talking about how Mendeecees being locked up was difficult and hard on the family, and Mona praised Mendeecees for (finally) proposing to Yandy and how happy she was that Yandy got her happily ever after.

Through all of this talk, not ONCE were the charges brought against Mendeecees discussed. Not once.

First, Mendeecees was charged and later acquitted of child molestation charges. Second, he’s been charged with drug trafficking, which is the reason he’s currently doing time in Rochester. So why is Mona and LHH so wrapped up in trying to paint Mendeecees out to be some white knight in shining armor?

If the charges against him prove to be true, he’s a spawn of Satan. A poison pusher and a corrupt villain. But they can’t afford to let Yandy, the star of the show, appear tainted in any way.

Bitch, please.

When asked what she would do if Mendeecees ended up locked up for good, Yandy refused to answer the question saying that she believes there’s power in words so she doesn’t want to speak that scenario into existence.

Yeah, that’s nice and all, but she’s about a year or two from calling Iyanla Vanzant for a session of Fix My Life so she can hold on to the delusion for a little while longer if it helps.


Raqi Gets Put in Her Place

If there’s one person who’s been a punching bag this season it’s been Raqi. Ol’ girl has absolutely NO FRIENDS left on this show. Everybody hates her and when she steps into the club, there are numerous females ready to snatch her wig back with the quickness.

In a way, Raqi’s continued presence on this show is like choosing to wade into a swamp that you know is full of crocodiles.

But hey, it’s a pay check, right?

While part 1 found Raqi going at it with Rashidah, Raqi gets into it with Consequence in part 2. If you’ll recall, Raqi fell out with her “friend” Jen the Pen when disagreements about their pilot radio show went south. Seeking to insult Jen, Raqi bragged that Cons tried to hit it. Jen then retaliated saying that her whiteness would ensure she stayed employed no matter what and Raqi took that and made Jen out to be a wack, racist bitch. She even confronted Cons and told him he was sleeping with the enemy. Like she’s 100% black her damn self. Bitch, sit.

When Cons and Jen were on the reunion discussing the challenges of their interfaith relationship, Raqi kept interjecting with rude comments and making fun of Cons’ buckteeth.

But bitch sure did get quiet when Rashidah got in the mix calling her a fraudulent muslim. Raqi got on her feet and tried to confront Rashidah but Big Ra channeled her inner Madea and took her heels off and got ready for battle.


Raqi was definitely not ready to smell what Rashidah was cooking. Let’s just say thank god for VH1’s security staff. They saved that wack DJ’s wig from getting split.


A Minute with Erica Mena

The reyna of ratchet spent most of her time on the reunion going back and forth with Rich and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany recounting that whole weird ex-espionage bullshit. But that wasn’t all that interesting since we already knew the backstory and we know that their relationship was over.

The real tea came when Mona was asking Joe and Rich Dollaz about their nude pics that leaked on the web.

Rich tried to lie and say that the torso was his, but penis was Photoshopped. Erica Mena broke out into a wide smile when his dumbass told that fib and she bluntly confirmed that those nude pics of Rich were indeed authentic shots of his manhood.

And I believe Erica Mena too. You know that bitch doesn’t even forget a dick. Especially not one that gets her a spot in the iTunes Store.

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