The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here: Kim Zolciak, the Wig, has returned to Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Well, at least for the reunion show.

If you’ll recall, Kim Zolciak exited the show after the brown girls met up for brunch to plan their Anguilla trip. Kim, who showed up late, made yet another excuse for why she couldn’t make the trip and the girls were simply fed up.

Now Kim was indeed 28 weeks pregnant, so travel would’ve been a challenge, but she knew that the ladies were working around her schedule. So for her to bring that up at the last minute was unfair and disingenuous. So the women were well within reason to tell Kim to either shit or get off the pot.

But Kim Zolciak is returning to the reunion with a bit of a new attitude and minus her wig. (Andy tugged on her hair so that we know that it’s real) Maybe she misses that RHOA paycheck cause she came with all kinds of apologies about her “miscommunication” with the girls at the beginning of the season.

The biggest mishap for Kim wasn’t with NeNe, her former friend, but with Kandi, her other former friend.

When Kandi joined the show back in season 2, she immediately bonded with Kim, who at the time was warring with all of the other castmates. They teamed up to turn Kim’s little ditty, “Tardy for the Party,” into an iTunes chart-topper and they hit the road together for Kandi’s tour.

Then disputes about the royalties came and Kandi tried to put it behind her, but that’s over now since Kandi has filed a lawsuit to block Kim from licensing the track.

So Kim and Kandi spent most of the reunion going back and forth as they rehashed the death of their friendship.

It started with the dispute over her son’s name, Kash. Kandi claimed that she showed Kim a room in her mega mansion that was reserved for her future son. Kim came correct though and pointed out that if Kandi had indeed done that, that the producers would’ve quickly put that on air to expose her.

Kim also brought some damn foolish LLC paperwork, but again, no one really cared.

After the Kandi thing was set to the side, Andy focused his attention on Kim and NeNe, asking the same thing he asks them every reunion, “Will you two ever be friends again?”

They didn’t say yes, but the two ladies did hug it out. Of course, we already know that Kim and NeNe have made up since Kim’s invited to the wedding, but perhaps this was the first step toward that breakthrough.



NeNe Goes in on Phaedra

The read of the night went to Miss NeNe Leakes who took the time to dress Miss Phaedra Parks down to the ground.

First, she lashed out at Phaedra for being lowdown and dirty. NeNe revealed that Phaedra called up NeNe’s estranged half sisters in an attempt to get them to dish dirt on NeNe on camera.

That’s foul.

Phaedra didn’t even deny it either. She did try to make it seem like NeNe’s sisters reached out to her first, but NeNe shut that down by stating her half sisters told her aaaaalllll the dirty tricks Phaedra encouraged them to pull behind the scenes.

“You never win you’re dirty, honey,” NeNe warned Phaedra as she wagged her ginormous finger.

The sisterly treachery wasn’t the only thing Phaedra pulled. As NeNe recounted, Phaedra plotted to get Marlo Hampton to join the cast because she thought Marlo would have tension with NeNe over their supposed mutual lover, Charles Grant.

Phaedra wanted to change the conversation real quick, talking bout, “They’re not even on the show so who cares?”

Well, she must think we forgot how tickled pink Phaedra was by the whole Marlo/NeNe meetup. She just knew that Marlo was gonna barge up in there and start some mess. But NeNe was onto these bitches and she quickly neutralized the threat and made Marlo into one of her BFFs.

Phaedra was trying it but NeNe slammed the door right in her face.

NeNe’s that bitch. Don’t step to her unless you’re ready to go to war.

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