When Chris Brown sat down with “Today” host Matt Lauer for an interview on Monday, he had one thing going for him. Fortunately for the singer, he had some tough competition when it came to the “worst Today show guest ever” award.

Nothing will ever be as bad as the “you’re glib” interview with Tom Cruise or the “Yikes! I must look away” chat with Kanye West.

Lauer started the interview by playing nice and talking about Brown’s music. But it wasn’t long before the conversation shifted to his relationship with Rihanna.

Funnily enough, Brown is now agreeing to talk about the his assault on the pop star over three years ago.

Lauer basically said what everyone was thinking and implied that Brown may only be behaving himself in order to make sure his album sells well.

Brown giggled uncomfortably through most of the questions that were asked and then reflected on what’s he’s learned since their highly publicized break-up and dispute.

“I think it’s just me proving myself once again and also me just being a man, and knowing what I did wrong and never doing it again. As for as me and her concerned, she knows my heart and I know her heart. I’m not really focused on the negative, everything about is positive for me. I did my 52 weeks of counseling and learned it was absolutely wrong.”

When asked if an similar incident would occur again, he said, “Absolutely not.” When asked if he and Rihanna had broken up, he insisted “We’re fine.”

Chris also talked about not being able to please everyone, and how “humbled” he was after “losing everything” … “but most importantly,” he said, was “knowing that what I did was totally wrong.”

And no, he didn’t curse anyone out or throw any chairs through any windows. Just in case you were wondering.

Overall, it sounds like Chris Brown is either finally growing up … or he has hired a damn good PR team. Maybe a little bit of both?


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