A teenager from Indiana found himself on the receiving end of some good ol’ Internet backlash after he posted a racist video on YouTube listing ten reasons why he would not want to be Asian.

In the four-and-a-half minute video the moronic boy lists off ten offensive reasons why he doesn’t want to be Asian.

His first point: “Most Asians look alike, and I don’t want to look like everyone else.”

“Reason number two,” he said, “If I was an Asian man, chances are I’d probably be with an Asian woman and guess what? I don’t find Asian women attractive. Kill me.”

His third reason for not wanting to be Asian? One word: “Sweatshops. They suck,” he said. “Totally against them. You should be too.”

Reason number four: “Pot smoking. Could you imagine how you would look … if you were high, Asian? It’s called ‘chink-eye’ right? Well, what if you already have chink eyes? Double chink-eye?”

He then closes his eyes to demonstrate how he thinks he would look if he were a high Asian. “That’s how it feels, I guess,” he says after opening them.

His fifth reason explaining why he would not be Asian actually contradicts the theme of his video:

“Number five. Math. Math? I suck at math? I’m so not good at math. I was in Algebra … I don’t even know what it’s called … Algebra Help? my senior year [in high school] to help me graduate. Dead serious”

But if you were Asian, you wouldn’t suck at math … according to your stereotype suggesting that Asians are good at math.

As you can tell, this guy is a total douche. He looks like a douche. He acts like a douche. He talks like a douche.

In the dictionary beside the word “douche” is his picture. He owns that shit, and he owns it well.


His other reasons for not wanting to be Asian included the fact that he doesn’t like sushi (which he says would be “everywhere” if he were Asian), he wouldn’t be able to score any movie roles unless he knew Kung Fu or played the part of an Asian mobster, and because “Asian males aren’t known for being great in the bedroom” due to their “small equipment.”

Knowing good and well he would be accused of being a racist, the teenager — whose age is unknown, but we assume he’s at least 18 years old since he graduated high school — parenthesized the title of his video with the words “Totally Not Racist,” but that didn’t stop commenters on YouTube from blasting him for his offensive remarks.

“Wow you are a total moron. Is this supposed to be funny? It is not. It is just ignorant. In an internet universe filled with ignorance, yours is among the dumbest things I have seen. What a total loser,” one YouTube user posted.

The teen in the video is believed to be a boy named Sam Hendrickson from Indiana. His Twitter bio reads: “I’m a rapper/entertainer who lives in a small town in Indiana. Welcome to my world,” and his Twitter stream features a few responses to the public’s response to his controversial video:

Though Hendrickson is wearing a Notre Dame t-shirt in the video, officials at the university have made it clear that he isn’t a student there and never has been.

Officials at Indiana University were also forced to debunk claims that Hendrickson was a student there, saying that his incorrect association with the school is “doing significant harm to our institution’s good name.”

Hendrickson’s video is similar to a two-year-old video from a UCLA student named Alexandra Wallace titled “Asians in the Library,” in which she unleashed an offensive rant about Asians in the library during finals week.

“I’ll be like deep into my studying, into my political-science theories and arguments and all that stuff, getting it all down, like typing away furiously, blah blah blah… and then all of a sudden, when I’m about to like, reach an epiphany … over here from somewhere, ‘OHHH! CHING CHONG LING LONG TING TONG? OHHH!” she says in the nearly 3-minute video clip.

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