The first photo of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooter Adam Lanza (circa: 2005)

The United States was hit with one of the worst tragedies it has seen all year Friday (Dec 14) when 26 people, including 20 children, were murdered after a crazed gunman opened fire inside an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Eighteen children, and nine teachers and faculty members — including the school’s principal and a psychologist — were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, while other students and school staffers, including the vice principal, were treated for injuries (after being shot in the foot) at a nearby hospital.

Two students were pronounced dead at the hospital, and police say the body of a 28th shooting victim was discovered at another location

The shooter was identified as Adam Lanza (after being mistaken for his older brother Ryan in previous reports), the 20-year-old son of kindergarten teacher Nancy Lanza, who taught at the school.

Some media outlets are reporting that the kindergarten teacher that was shot and killed at the school was Nancy Lanza, while others are reporting that Mrs. Lanza was murdered at her home before the massacre at the school … which actually makes sense, as Adam drove his mother’s car to the school, according to police.

The details surrounding the story are still sketchy, which is why there are so many variations floating around, but sources are now saying that Nancy and Adam had some sort of a “dispute” at their family home before he killed her, took her car, drove to the school and shot up the school where she taught, targeting her kindergarten class specifically.

It was also reported that Lanza’s father was killed in New Jersey, though NBC News and other sources have backed off from that statement, as police have yet to confirm anything.

Police have also yet to neither confirm nor deny the reports that a third brother in the family was also killed at the home.

Police are, however, confirming that SOMEONE was found dead in a house in Newtown owned by Lanza’s mother, but they’re not revealing who exactly it is.

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