If Walter and Kenya’s relationship on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” seemed forced and stilted to you, it wasn’t just your imagination.

Walter Jackson, the owner of South DeKalb Towing and Transport and Kenya’s love interest on the show, has spoken out and said that he and Kenya were FAKING their relationship the whole time.

Walter spilled all of the details in an interview with V103’s Frank and Wanda Show.

He admitted that they dated for about three months in the past, but he claims their communication after that was touch and go for the past three years. She reached out to Walter earlier this year in April to let Walter know that she was moving to Atlanta and was interested in having him on the show.

“‘What do you think about doing reality TV?’ I said, ‘Hmmm, I don’t know. That’s kind of a big stretch there,'” Walter said in the interview. “She said, ‘Well, what if you played my boyfriend on the show.’ I said, ‘Whoa. You know I had to think about it.'”

Ultimately, after consulting with his friends, Walter decided to get his “15 minutes of fame” and agreed to play along. She told him it was like acting, Walter said. He also claims that no one but he and Kenya was aware the relationship was fake.

Watch the interview yourself below:

Seriously though, this is a woman who ran to Trader Joe’s and faked cooking a meal on national TV. So a for-cameras-only relationship is nothing beyond the pale for Miss Fake It Till You Make It.

Kenya has responded to Walter’s claims on Twitter and in an official statement.

Kenya’s official statement to TooFab refutes Walter’s claims outright:

“The truth is and has always been that I want to be in a loving, honest, long-term relationship with someone who genuinely loves me for me — Walter’s recent statements are completely false. I am embarrassed that I allowed a deceitful and hateful person in my life. He says he ‘did it for fame.'”

“I’ve been humiliated enough by appearing desperate for a man to marry me who now admits he had his own agenda. I urge viewers to stay tuned because the truth will come to light. I am moving on from this situation and hope he can as well with respect and dignity going forward. I have heard the fans and my friends loud and clear … I can do better than Walter, and I will.”

Yeah … we’re gonna go with Walter’s version of events here.

Miss Moore needed a prop for her antics and she picked a “nice guy” for the role. She would’ve been better off trying to husband up Mr. Ridickulous though. He seems more her speed.

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