If you thought your family had drama, consider yourself lucky that you’re not a member of Teresa and Kathy’s family.

During the first part of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion, things went way overboard when cousins Teresa Giudice (née Gorga) and Kathy Wakile went head to head at the end of the reunion.

The two started squabbling over family problems when Teresa took issue with Kathy’s husband, Richie, making fun of her on the show.

Kathy joked that her husband only teases Richie so much because he wants her, to which Teresa made a vomit noise and noted that she wouldn’t go anywhere near Richie and his yellow teeth. Boom!

Then they revisited Kathy’s visit to Teresa at her book signing and it just devolved from there when Kathy threw it in Teresa’s face that she was the one who stood by her side and listened to her complain about her in-laws.

Teresa fired back that she did the same for Kathy when she and Richie were on the verge of divorce. Kathy said forcefully that she and her husband were never on the verge of divorce, to which Teresa responded, “Oh please, even my mother knows.”

Kathy then crossed the line and said, “Oh please, your mother’s a fucking liar!”

Even Terezilla had to pause and take her breath after that slight. You know it’s real when folks have to stoop to attacking each other’s mothers.

Going at each other is one thing, but dragging parents into it is a whole different ballgame.

Kathy even threw a dig at Teresa’s father, saying she tried to have a talk with him but he got up and walked away, labeling him a coward. Teresa fired back that her father had done more for Kathy than her own (dead) father ever did.

And that’s when the wheels really fell off.

Kathy’s butch lesbian sister Rosie was backstage and she became enraged and threatened to rip Teresa’s fucking head off. Woo sah, y’all.

Watch how ugly things got once Rosie got wind of Teresa’s insult about her father below

Kathy and Rosie tried to clarify their actions on Twitter after the first part of the reunion aired.

We can only imagine that this goes even further downhill in part 2.

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