While Tammie Grant admits to being in a relationship with “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” loverboy Stevie J “at one time” … the former NBA wife has flat-out DENIED that she’s carrying the infamous producer’s love child.

“I am not pregnant with Stevie J’s baby,” Tammie told Gossip On This Tuesday evening (Jul 31) in an e-mail. “There are rumors being said that just are not true.”

Tammie Grant pictured here with her (now) ex husband Gary Grant

Yesterday, we reported, from what we thought was a “highly reliable” source, that Tammie — the recently divorced ex-wife of NBA player Gary Grant — was pregnant with Stevie J’s baby, and the two were planning on getting married.

While the details and source of the story were questionable … those who watch Steebie make a complete fool of himself every week on “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” would know that something like that wouldn’t be too far of a stretch when it comes to this guy and his extra friendly penis.

But Tammie wants you to know, among other things, that she is NOT pregnant with Steebie’s baby … and she would like to distance herself from him and all of his foolishness.

Read the full statement she sent us below:

Me and Gary Grant were already going through a divorce when I met Stevie. Stevie did not break up our marriage.

Me and Gary did not have a long divorce process, it was done over a glass of wine and we still have a close relationship.

I do not pay any of Stevie’s bills or give him any money, especially when he comes to LA. That’s a joke!! Stevie is the one that is very generous with the gifts.

There is no NBA investment of any sort! Stevie produced Taryn’s [her daughter] songs and he covered the expenses.

I am not pregnant with Stevie J’s baby. There are rumors being said that just are not true. Yes, at one time me and Stevie were very close and we were seeing each other.

I never gave Stevie any money which is absurd, nor did he break up my marriage, me and Gary Grant were already separated for 2 years when me and Stevie met.

It was at my best interest to distance myself from Stevie and the scandals. I only have kind things to say about him and fond memories.

I wish him and his beautiful children all the luck.

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