DMX opened up about his broken relationship with his mother on a recent episode of VH1’s “Couples Therapy.”

Breaking down into tears, X revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his mother in years, and throughout his life has never been told “I love you” from her.

“I used to always turn to drugs when I was feeling a certain way and now that I’m not doing that, sometimes the pressure builds up, I’ll call [someone] and say, I just wanted to say ‘Mommy.’ I wanted to say that word. Mommy. Not ‘My mother,’ you know, I wanted to say mommy. I just wanted to talk to her. I haven’t talked to her in years and I just wanted to be able to say ‘Hi, mommy. I love you.’ Never once did she [say she loved me.] …. [crying] …. You know what, I think people lose sight of the fact that no matter how strong you are, as a man, no matter how tough you are, we all need to be somebody’s baby.”

Watch below:

Sometimes people forget celebrities have feelings and emotions just like the rest of us!

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