Seal says he was just as shocked as we were about his divorce to Heidi Klum.

The soul singer opens up about the split from his wife of eight years on a recent episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“I think we were shocked. You go into these things with the greatest intentions when you say ‘I do’ and you say ”til death do us part.’ Those vows hold value. They are not just words. These things happen. We pretty much said how we feel and made it clear in the release statement.”

Despite the break-up, Seal still views Heidi as the most wonderful woman in the world.

“You try and you work through it and the thing that you quickly realize when you are married and you become a parent you do the best that you can. The thing I’m most proud about this great woman who I married (and I really do mean that from the bottom of my heart), is that together she has given me four incredible gifts … four beautiful children. She still, in my opinion, is the most wonderful woman in the world.”

Just to show how much he and Heidi remain on good terms….Seal hasn’t taken off his wedding ring and has no plans of doing so in the future.

“Yes, I am still wearing my ring. I think it’s just pretty much a token of how I feel about this woman. We have eight years. Eight wonderful years together. Just because we have decided to separate doesn’t necessarily mean you take off your ring and you’re no longer connected to that person.

“We will be connected in many ways ‘til the rest of our lives. Will we wear the ring for the rest of our lives? Who knows? But right now it feels really comfortable on my hand so I have intentions of taking it off anytime soon.”

It’s sad seeing such a beautiful couple calling it quits…..but maybe it’s for the best.

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