Kim Kardashian has been the talk of the town after ending her marriage after only 72 days, proving that she had what many to believed to be a sham of a relationship anyway.

But her BFF Kelly Rowland almost made the same mistake 6 years ago when she was engaged to Dallas Cowboys football player Roy Williams.

Fortunately for Kelly, though, she realized she wasn’t ready to get married and she and her fiance at the time sat down and decided that walking down the aisle without getting to know each other first wasn’t such a good idea.

So after dating for a year, Kelly and Roy called off their March 2005 wedding in January, the same week Kelly appeared on the cover of a magazine wearing a wedding dress.

“I wanted that wedding. I wanted to be married,” she told British newspaper The Daily. “You can just make wrong decisions in life. That was all part of growing up. I just think it’s important to trust your gut. I did a lot of soul-searching afterwards, and I want to be married, so dating is part of that process.”

Calling off a wedding is definitely embarrassing. But ending your marriage in divorce after less than 3 months is even more eembarrassing, don’t you think?

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