Whoever said a lifetime of marriage was something to look forward to … obviously didn’t know this couple.

A 92-year-old Australian woman stabbed her 98-year-old husband to death after 70 years of marriage.

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A 92-year-old woman is set to stand trial for allegedly killing her 98-year-old husband after more than 70 years of marriage. Clara Tang is charged with stabbing and bludgeoning her wealthy husband to death in their home in Sydney, Australia last year, the Sun-Herald reported.

When cops found her, they say Tang was soaked in blood after stabbing Ching Yung Tang twice in the stomach and bashing in his head.

She has pleaded not guilty due to mental illness. Her lawyers say she suffers from dementia and had feared her husband was trying to poison her. She was initially denied bail due to “the level of violence” in the killing, but was later allowed to move into a nursing home.

Court papers show the couple survived both the Japanese invasion of China and Mao’s Cultural Revolution before moving to Australia 30 years ago.


We hate to hear anything like this especially when old people are involved, but sometimes being with a person so long can literally drive you crazy!

NOTE: The couple pictured above is NOT the couple mentioned in the story.

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